Province has failed seniors: Houston

ENFIELD: The Leader of then PC Party says Nova Scotians are realizing how the province is failing their greatest generation, our seniors.

During a stop in Enfield on Aug. 6, Tim Houston answered questions from The Laker News in a one-on-one interview. Among the questions were those dealing with our silver generation, those of our grand parents and great grand parents.

“Dignity for our seniors is something that has come to the forefront,” said Houston. “Most people are realizing how we’ve failed to be there for our greatest generation. We’ve failed them.

“What happened at Northwood and over the last little while will be a bad mark on our generation. History will not be kind to us.”

Houston said while seniors can live at home, there are programs that can allow them to do that they need more.

“They need to have confidence that when they need additional supports they’ll be there,” he said. “That’s where the failure is.”

He said it is clear more long-term care beds are needed to be opened, something the Liberal government ha snot been able to do during the past seven years.

“It’s obvious we need more beds and more single rooms for dignity of people, and infection control and quality control,” said Houston. “We would do more beds and more single beds if we form government.”

Houston said those helping our seniors need to be supported too, so more staff would be hired.

“We have a tsunami coming towards us and we can’t just continue to chase beds,” he said. “We need to rethink the system, and that’s why we’re talking about supportive living.”

The PC Party announced a new Supportive Living initiative which is between homecare and nursing home.

“When you need a little bit more support then you do at home, but you don’t know have nursing needs,” he said. “You need to be able to age in place with the supports, and that’s what is missing in this province.

“When we do that and give people confidence, they don’t need to be afraid of the long-term care system, I think that will go a long way for our seniors.”