Rainstorm sees water flood across Holland Road; water crews to clear out grate when safe to do so

FLETCHERS LAKE: The deluge of rain overnight Wednesday into Thursday left water flooding across Holland Road for the second time in six months.

Holland Road was washed out and closed for several days last summer when heavy rains hit the region and caused the water to run across it.

It was fixed, or as residents termed it a “band-aid” was done to rectify the problem, but this rainfall ripped that “band-aid” off.

The area that washed out in July, just down from Holland Road School, is the same area that the more recent water also ran across.

A car is surrounded by the flood waters on Holland Road on Feb. 29. (Healey photo)


It impacted a homeowner as their vehicle was surrounded by water in their driveway, with neighbours unable to get to it to move it. The side of the road let go so the resident will not be able to get the car out.

While residents say they were advised not to travel through the water rushing across the road, several motorists, including a oil truck and Amazon driver, were seen doing just that.

Residents we spoke to said officials told them anyone driving through the water was doing so at their own risk.

Local residents were also out grabbing video and photos of the water and posting on social media to alert other residents.

Some were frustrated with it happening again after dealing with the flooding last July.

At 8 pm Feb. 29, residents said the water is now like a skating rink.


Link to a second video:

Some were frustrated with it happening again after dealing with the flooding last July.

Laura Ettinger-Turple lives right next to where the flooding happened. She could really only laugh at it happening again.

“I have my own Niagara Falls right outside my home here in Fletchers Lake,” she said.

Just metres from her doorway to her home, the sound of gushing water could be heard and seen like it was indeed Niagara Falls.

The water floods across Holland Road towards the property of a resident near 220 Holland Road. (Healey photo)


Halifax Water had an official on scene when The Laker News was there in the morning keeping an eye on things.

By later in the day the gushing of the water began to subside near Ettinger-Turple’s home.

The Laker News reached out to Halifax Water. A response came in just before 6 p.m. regarding the situation.

“Halifax Water Staff are observing the site, but the flow around the watercourse and grate is too significant and is a safety risk,” said Jeff Myrick, spokesperson with Halifax Water.

He said the grate is set back off the road, requiring manual cleaning.

“They will do so once the flow subsides, and they can safely clear the grate,” he said.

Councillor Cathy Deagle Gammon was aware of the issue and had passed along residents emails to Halifax Water.


The water rapidly flows across Holland Road. (Healey photo)
As the rain let up, the water continued to flow rapidly to neighbouring properties, causing some concern about the roadway as well. (Healey photo)