Const. Chad Morrison waves to those who came to welcome him home on Monday at his home in Lantz. Morrison was injured in the manhunt with a gunman that killed 22. (Healey photo)

LANTZ: Two words. That is all Enfield RCMP officer Const. Chad Morrison had to say to the crowd that came to welcome him home a day after the worst mass killing in Canadian history.

As he said “Thank you” to the crowd with emotion obvious he received more of an applause and then headed inside his home with his family close behind.

He was discharged from hospital where he was treated for injuries suffered as they tried to apprehend the gunman, who left 22 dead from Portapique through to the Milford area.

Just moments earlier before he said those two words, led by an RCMP escort, Const. Morrison got out of his car and immediately went and gave big hugs to his two kids, then his parents and wife.

The escort went along Highway 214 from the Elmsdale and Highway 2 where many well wishers gathered to wave and applaud as they passed by.

Later, Const. Morrison, an 11-year member of the force, made a Facebook statement.

“For anybody who is worried about me, there is no need. I am OK and surrounded with love. I consider myself extremely lucky to be alive right now, and I am grateful for everything I have,” said Morrison “To all the other victims and their families, including Const. Heidi Stevenson’s family, I am so deeply sorry for your losses. My family and I will have you in our thoughts.”

Const. Morrison is Noah’s hero. (Healey photo)

Outside Const. Morrison’s home kids, like Noah, and Piper and Jaxon Gallant and other neighbours had done up creative signs to welcome him home. They gave the signs to Morrison’s wife, who was very appreciative of the support they were receiving.

Piper and Jaxon Gallant had a nice sign for Const. Morrison. (Healey photo)

He said he was overwhelmed by the number of calls, messages, cards, flowers, and offers to help.

“I’m forever thankful to the paramedics, nurses, doctors, surgeons, and other medical staff who took such good care of me,” he said in the statement. “Also, to my family, friends and co-workers that never left my side, and the incredible welcome I received when I got home.”