RCMP nab Middle Sackville man for stunting near Lantz

East Hants RCMP have charged a 20-year-old Middle Sackville man for stunting near Lantz. (RCMP photo)

LANTZ: A 20-year-old Middle Sackville man has been charged for stunting on Hwy 102 in Lantz.

East Hants RCMP were conducting speed enforcement near the new Lantz Interchange on April 20 when at approximately 10:42 the officer nabbed the driver for stunting.

The officer observed a blue Honda Civic travelling at 184 km/hr in a 110 km/hr zone.


The driver, a 20-year-old Middle Sackville man, was issued a stunting ticket.

This resulted in a $2,422.50 fine and an immediate seven-day licence suspension.

The man’s vehicle was also impounded by RCMP.