FLETCHERS LAKE: Andrea Harvey Fraser is being remembered as the type of person that could light up a room the minute she walked in; the love she had for her children; and for being a constant source of “love and light” for everyone she knew.

Andrew Fraser, Andrea’s son, spoke to The Laker on behalf of his family, his younger sister Emma Burton and their loved ones about the type of person she was.

“Mom loved everyone, she wanted to do what she could to help others” said Fraser on Sept. 24 in an interview at Apartment 3 Espresso Bar in Lower Sackville. “Everywhere she went, she was bursting with positivity. She was full of love and light for all.”

“She would walk into a room, and people would be surprised by how much energy she had, by how vibrant she was. Because of that, people remembered her, and no one forgets the first time they met Mom. “

He said his mom would sometimes forget how important her presence was to those around her.

“It was clear to those of us who knew her best, just how compassionate and caring she truly was, simply from the way she carried herself through life,”said Fraser.

Andrea was lost in a tragic collision that occurred at the intersection of Highway 2 and Holland Road in Fletchers Lake on Sept. 20. The driver of the dump truck that was involved in the accident, reportedly from the Shubenacadie area, was not hurt in the incident.

Left to right: Carolyn (Cal) Brackett, Jennifer (Jenny) Stewart, and the late Andrea Dawn Fraser. (Submitted photo)

Friend Gaelyn Gilby-MacLeod, who lives in Sackville, said that Andrea is simply unforgettable.

“She bounced, danced into a room, and her eyes would just sparkle,” she said. “She would smile that cute little Andrea smile and would wrinkle her nose, and you could never forget her.

“She was the type that would dance to any song because it was free exercise.”

She will remember her friend for her laugh; her love of both Andrew and Emma; her friends and family; and her energy and appreciation for life.

MacLeod recalled a story about visiting Andrea one time. They got to talking and before long, they got on the topic of Kenny & Dolly’s Christmas album.

“She’d say, let’s put it on right now,” said MacLeod with a chuckle. “It would be the middle of July, but we’d be there dancing around to Kenny & Dolly’s Christmas. She just had a youthful, sweetness about her and she had a huge heart.”

Cathy Otto, another friend of Andrea’s, said she has many fond memories.

“I will remember how loving she was to other people, and how much fun she was,” she said in a phone interview.

Jenny Stewart of Bedford has been one of Andrea’s best friends for almost 40 years.

“I was in shock when I heard the news. It was like I was in a nightmare and couldn’t escape,” Stewart said in an interview from Hollywood, CA. “I’m heartbroken and devastated that I can’t be home. Andrea and I literally have shared a lifetime of memories, events and milestones. We’ve been through a lot of life together, the good and the not so good and everything in between. It still doesn’t seem real.”

“Andrea’s kids, Andrew and Emma, were her world. I will miss her smile, her goofiness, her voice and her laugh. I will miss her more than words can say and she will always be in my heart.”

Carolyn Brackett (Cal), of Lower Sackville, was a close friend of Andrea’s for many years.

“Thinking back and trying to come up with only a few special moments to share is nearly impossible because Andrea had a way of making every event, even the mundane, so incredibly memorable. With her infectious laugh and brilliant smile, she brought a ray of sunshine everywhere she went.”

“Andrea always will hold a very special place in my heart and I will miss her dearly.”

Andrea’s family and close relatives, who are focused on healing at this time, said they don’t want to focus on the accident, but rather on how they can come together to remember her for who she was.

“The best way we can all remember her is by just taking the time to smile more, to focus on bringing joy to others whenever we can,” said Fraser. “By showing love and compassion to everyone we meet, we’re all helping to continue her legacy.”

“Mom is definitely dancing up there with the angels, looking over all of us. It’s difficult to admit she is no longer with us, but because of all the love and support our family and loved ones have received, it really has helped with the healing process. We’re all so grateful for that.”

A celebration of life was held in Andrea’s honour on Sept. 29 in Lower Sackville.