Resident garnering interest in Fall River ice arena complex idea

An ice hockey rink is needed in the Fall River area says a resident. A petition has been started to gauge interest. (Submitted photo)

FALL RIVER/WELLINGTON: A Fall River resident has started a petition aimed at garnering interest to push for an ice arena complex in Fall River and area.

Jesse Hulsman said he has no vested interest just wants one for the community. He has two children in hockey and understands, much like Rome wasn’t built in a day that facilities such as this don’t either.

“The drive is to pay it forward to the next generation, and there is a growing issue with lack of ice-time available with so much population growth across Nova Scotia,” said Hulsman to The Laker News.

The petition can be found at:

It has received 315 signatures as of Nov. 10 at 3:30 a.m.


He said while his children will likely not still be in minor hockey by the time an area could be built in the area there will be many more families that will come after them that would greatly benefit. 

“Building community and being part of the community is something I greatly value and its something I really learned about from my late mother,” he said.

““We were an RCMP family so it was a given we wouldn’t stay living in one area, but wherever we were she was all in.”


Hulsman wanted it noted that this isn’t an original idea from him, rather something he’s heard over and over from neighbors and friends for the past 12 years they have called Fall River home. 

“ I’m just someone that wants to pay it forward somehow, any way I can think of, so that I can teach my kids the lessons that my mother taught me.,” said Hulsman.

“Our time on this earth matters, community matters, and doing what we can for our community and others matters.   

“The great Fall River Area deserves to have an Ice Arena Complex, lets make this happen together.”

The post with the link to has been shared on a few community Facebook pages, including Plan Fall River.

He encourages anyone in the area who supports the idea to go signup at the petition link.