SPCA completes investigation into discovery of carcass in Beaver Bank

BEAVER BANK: The N.S. SPCA confirms they investigated the discovery of a carcass found wrapped inside a plastic bag that “appeared to have German shepherd like fur” on a subdivision street in Beaver Bank.

Kenzie Volente received a text from a neighbour that they had spotted a garbage bag in the ditch on Sidhu Drive on May 30. They began to notice a bad smell from it on June 2.

“She called the non-emergency police line to report what she had found,” said Volente. “The animals were in three garbage bags, two black, and one clear but was so dirty you couldn’t see exactly inside it. The police came and checked the bags, and called the neighbour back and said it was a deer carcass.

“I drove down the road at 6:30 p.m. that night and the bag was still there. I called HRM 311 at 7:16 p.m., and they were there within an hour. We drove down and saw the city road worker and he said it was not a deer, but what looked like two medium-sized German shepherd-coloured dogs.

“The bags were located in the newly developed area of Sidhu drive, just after the old houses stop.”

Special Const. Jo-Anne Landsburg, Chief Provincial Inspector with the N.S. SPCA, confirmed their office did do an investigation into the discovery of the carcass on a street in Beaver Bank. It was initially believed there were two dogs wrapped in plastic, however it was later determined there was just one carcass.

“The carcass had been picked up by the city which made it difficult for the SPCA to fully investigate, however, our officer did speak with the road crew supervisor who informed us that there was only one carcass inside the bag,” said Landsburg in an email interview with The Laker News. “It was also very decomposed and that it only appeared to have German shepherd like fur.

“With our experience, this could have very easily been a coyote that was found on the side of the road.”

Councillor Lisa Blackburn was also made aware of the discovery and investigated the matter with HRM 311 as well.

Volente said the discovery was upsetting.

“It was extremely disturbing that someone would do this and dump poor animals on a residential street for kids and families to find,” she said.

Landsburg said they did receive a statement from the reporting person, and she did not witness the carcass herself and only spoke with the road worker who thought it may look like a German Shepherd.

“There have been no reports of missing dogs reported to us in this area, and local persons have been advised to contact us should they have any further information,” she said.

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Landsburg said they have no further information on the matter.

“Due to the decomposition, we will not be requesting a necropsy be performed by the Department of Agriculture pathology lab,” said Landsburg.