Speed bumps coming for some Fall River area streets

Winley Drive in Windsor Junction is one in the area getting speed bumps as a traffic calming measure to reduce speeding in the subdivisions. (Healey photo)

WINDSOR JUNCTION: HRM is cracking down on speeding on several area residential streets in a pair of highly populated subdivisions as part of traffic calming measures aimed at making them safer for everyone.

Winley Drive in Windsor Junction; Karels Drive; and Marantha Drive are among the streets where speed bumps will be installed by HRM to reduce the speeding concerns many have expressed. It will create what is hoped to be safer streets for everyone, especially those who walk on the streets with their families.

“I’m pleased that staff agreed it was time to bring some traffic calming measures to some of these residential streets, specifically Winley and surrounding area,” said Councillor Steve Streatch. “Over the past two years, it had become quite evident to me residents were looking for relief from some of the driving style and speed from traffic on their streets.”

He said he brought the concern to HRM staff some time ago, but it was up to Halifax Traffic Authority to see that certain criteria was met before they approved the installation of these traffic calming measures.

Winley Drive on a September evening. (Healey photo)

Streatch said he is hopeful the move will help the community and residents. He said there will be no impact to any snow-clearing in the winter.

“They’re designed as such the contractors equipment can go over them, but they’ll have to be aware they are there,” he said. “It would be damage to their equipment more so than any of the street infrastructure.”

He understands there will be some residents who will not be happy about the speed bumps. Some have expressed their concern online saying they will impede emergency responders response times by upwards of 15 seconds each.

“In as much as we want to do all we can to protect those walking, there are those that think differently,” said Streatch. “I would ask those to have patience with this traffic calming project.

“There are significant speeding issues and safety concerns and I understand that. I agree we have to do what we can to protect our pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.”

Karels and Marantha Drive in Fall River are among several in the area getting speed bumps as a traffic calming measure to reduce speeding in the subdivisions. (Healey photo)

Streatch said the measures will be used as a trial for possible implementation in other streets across Fall River, including Ingram Drive and High Road.

“We’re going to evaluate how this works, and if indeed it does help curb the problem without too many adverse effects we may look at other locations in the future,” said Streatch.