HALIFAX: Tenants, community organizations, housing advocates, and the NDP Caucus have won a two-year rent cap for the thousands of families who rent their homes.

“Thousands of people advocated for an expansion of the rent cap, and today people can celebrate a major victory that will help thousands of people be able to stay in their homes,” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill.

“While this change will mean the immediate relief of some of the anxiety people are facing with the rapid increases in rental costs, permanent rent control, beyond the two-year rent cap, is still needed to protect tenants.”

The new housing plan also includes support for non-profit organizations to build new supportive housing.

“Non-profit housing is a key to increasing the supply of affordable housing,” said Suzy Hansen. “Many people will be pleased to see this new level of support being announced today. The key priority will be making sure new units get built and get built quickly.”

The plan from the Conservatives includes many items the NDP has advocated for, including the rent cap, new non-profit housing, inclusionary zoning, and action on reno-victions.