While readership is strong and local journalism has never been more important, from a business perspective the areas covered by The Weekly Press and The Laker have become more a part of the Metro Halifax trading region. As the local business base has continued to shift to major national retailers and businesses, the desire for local targeted advertising has diminished.
Through a strong belief in local journalism and dedication to the communities where we live and work, we supported the publications as long as we could. It has become evident, despite thousands of loyal readers in print and online, that our style of local journalism cannot be supported by the local business base. In light of this, we will no longer be printing The Laker or The Weekly Press, effective immediately.
We are proud of how we have championed, challenged, supported, and reported on the area. In recent years, our intent has been more about supporting community than running a viable business. With thousands of avid, online readers, our shift from the area provides opportunity for others to consider new models for the efficient delivery of local news.
The area is thriving with a growing population and new community assets. The time has come for new business models. We thank our readers for years of support. We will be watching as you grow.

Advocate Media Inc.