Glynnis Powell of Elmsdale and Wanda Leese of Enfield are competing this week at the international powerlifting federation championship in Austin, Texas. (Submitted photo)

ELMSDALE: Two East Hants women are off to represent Team Canada at an international powerlifting championship south of the border.

Glynnis Powell of Elmsdale and Wanda Leese of Enfield are heading to the International Powerlifting Federation World Bench Press Championships in Austin Texas.

Leese and Powell both said that this is an amazing opportunity.

“I never thought I would compete anywhere as an athlete, but going to this event together with my training partner Glynnis is so exciting,” said Leese in an interview before the two, who train at Renew Health/ADAPT Fitness, left for Texas.


There is going to be approximately more than 1,200 athletes from around the World at the event.

Leese will be competing in the Women’s Classic M2 (50-59) 84kg+. Powell will be competing in the Masters 1 76kg class.

Leese is hoping to meet her personal best lift total at the competition and cheer on some strong women.

“I feel really lucky to have this chance to represent Team Canada with a wonderful group of Canadian athletes,” she said.

Powell said she’s excited to be going as part of Team Canada.

“Never in my wildest dreams had I ever thought I would have the chance, let alone the opportunity,” she said.


She is hoping to meet her personal record or go higher at the championship.

“But most of all, just to have fun and enjoy the experience,” said Powell.

Powel said going to the international competition means everything to her.

“It’s proof that with hard work and consistency, anything is possible,” said Powell. “I’m so proud to represent my country.”

She wants to show people that anything is possible with hard work.

“Training to be strong is amazing and so much fun,” she said. “Powerlifting has been such a life changing thing. It taught me to train for strength.

“The body is amazing and capable of amazing things. And the powerlifting community is the most supportive group of people I’ve ever met.”