FALL RIVER: The four candidates vying to represent District 1 Waverley-Fall River-Musquodoboit Valley answered 16 pertinent questions chosen among the 50 submitted by residents to The Laker News during the livestream broadcast of the forum on Monday night, Oct. 5.

Incumbent Steve Streatch was joined by challengers Cathy Deagle-Gammon; Art Wamback; and Stephen Kamperman inside the LWF Community Hall for the livestream, which was done in partnership with the Fall River and Area Business Association. It was produced and aired live thanks to Dagley Media out of Lower Sackville.

With it being livestreamed, more than 200 people viewed it at any one time, and it has now more than 3.5 k views on the Laker’s FB page. There was plenty of discussion on questions asked with close to 280 comments in the comment feed of the livestream.

The range of topics asked varied from development; to taxes; to transit in Fall River; to the challenges facing those in the Musquodoboit Valley; to speeding/policing resources. The last question on policing eld candidates to speak about defunding the police and Black Lives Matter.

Here is the list of the 16 questions which were asked by Pat Healey from The Laker News, who was the host and moderator for the night. He ahd to tell the candidates their time to answer questions was up several times throughout the two hour and 20 miunute broadcast.

Below is the link to the livestream, as provided by Dagley Media, followed by the questions as asked. We hope you enjoy the replay for those that could not see it live or did not have Facebook.


1.   With the current infrastructure and traffic problems highlighted in the Vision Plan what are the candidates views for further planning applications and growth for the area?

2. Each HRM councillor controls thousands of dollars as discretionary funds to apply to needs across their District. What method would you use to decide which District organizations share in that money?

3. What approaches will you take as Councillor for District 1 to minimize the tax burden for the district while sustaining adequate levels of Municipally provided service?

4. How will you work with other levels of Government to bring big projects to our District? Tell us about how you’ll make collaboration a priority.


5. What do you see as the three biggest challenges facing the Musquodoboit Valley, and what role do you think municipal government plays in helping to overcome these challenges?

6. What does a community created planning vision mean to you? What can you tell us about Fall River’s Vision Plan?

7. Based on what you know about the Waverley/Fall River/Windsor Junction area, what are your plans for bringing public transportation to this area? How would you improve the current transit system in our riding?

8. Other than increasing the tax base, what top three criteria will you use to decide whether you will support a proposed residential development?


9. It is frequently said that District 1 needs the undivided attention of a committed full-time councillor. 

Are you willing to make a personal commitment that, during your upcoming term as District 1 councillor, if elected, you would not hold another job and would reject any opportunity to run in a federal or provincial election? 

10. Because District 1 is a large area, how do you plan to solicit feedback from your constituents and ensure they are kept well informed of all District 1 and HRM matters of interest (this involves engaging citizens, sharing what you have learned and communicating what is happening at City Hall and its impact on District 1)?

11. While there are many beautiful trails in Waverley and Fall River they are only accessible to Lakeview, Windsor Junction and Beaver Bank residents by car.  The recent shut downs of our parks highlighted the need for safe local trails. We have an opportunity to tie into Sackville Lakes trail system using the old tracks along Windgate Dr.   

What will you do to ensure that safe trails or sidewalks are accessible in these areas?  Please provide a timeline.

12. This next one is about HRM Case file 20110 Windgate Village development. While it is in the adjacent riding of Beaver Bank, residents would like to know where our local candidates stand on a road connecting that development to Capilano Estates. The question is: What is the candidates stance on having a road from that development going into Capilano via Elise Victoria Drive (thus creating more traffic on a residential street in our riding)?  


13. What is your vision for District 1, specifically addressing quality of life, infrastructure, recreation needs, and transit? What are your two highest priorities for change given the growth of the community, versus the challenges that the lack of infrastructure presents?

14. What is each candidates plan for allotting police resources to our area to help with issues such as speeding and reckless driving behaviour, and how does each candidate feel they can address this given the current anti-police climate which threatens law enforcement resources?

(They weighed into the 18th question, which was one of our two extra questions, during answering the above question) 18. What is your understanding of defund the police given the current climate?

15. One resident wrote saying while they love living in Fall River for the past 4 years, it really hurts when u have to go to Enfield or sackville for any recreational/ community facilities.

If you were elected what are your importance to get a rink ( temporary dome) , baseball/football fields, like a Turf field, tennis court, Libraries, etc…There is a lot of population but not a lot of funding for this. How are you going to change that?

16. What are your plans to practice restraint on budgets as we have a long dark hole to dig ourselves out of. Now is not the time to campaign on spending. Are you willing to look at cuts in overspending?