VIDEO: Halifax Transit unveils new electric buses, expected to join fleet in near future officials say

DARTMOUTH: The Laker News took part in the Halifax Transit Electric bus tour on Feb. 16 in Halifax.

The sixty new buses are expected to be added to the transit fleet in the near future.

People on the tour were able to ask questions, and there were several of those asked.

One of the questions asked by our own Matt Dagley was around if an electric bus would catch fire, and if HRM Fire has the proper equipment to extinguish such a fire.

The tour organizers provided a lot of information for the public to know about what the new buses will mean.


Check out our story for all the details:

Video story supported by Councillor Lisa Blackburn

Video shot/reported on/edited by Matt Dagley

Here are a couple of photos from the tour:

Transit electric buses at their new garage. (Dagley Media photo)
(Dagley Media photo)


One of the electric buses. (Dagley Media photo)
A crowd awaits to board one of Halifax Transit’s electric buses for the tour. (Dagley Media photo)