Station 42/43 volunteer firefighter Aaron Van Nostrand is presented his Firefighter of the Year award by Ryan Crain. (Healey photo)

WAVERLEY: Volunteer firefighters in Goffs, Wellington/Grand Lake, Waverley, and Fall River were honoured at their District 4 Zone awards, held Nov. 20 at the Waverley Legion.

Among the awards handed out included Firefighter of the Year for four members from each of the volunteer stations in the area.

Up first, awards were handed out for years of service at each department.

Leading the way was Ian Smith from Station 41 Waverley for 40 years of service to his community. Marc Rothwell of Station 42/43 Wellington/Grand Lake was recognized for 35 years; Jeff Pickrem from Station 42/43 Wellington/Grand Lake was recognized for 25 years.

Honoured for 20 years of service was Tom Heighway from Station 45 Fall River.

Tom Heighway (who was emcee so did not need to have a mask on) is presented his service award. (Healey photo)

Jonathan Milne was recognized for 15 years of service at Station 42/43 Wellington.

A slew of firefighters were recognized for 10 years of service, including: Jason MacInnis (Station 45 Fall River); Dominic Mallette (Station 41 Waverley); Nola Hines (Station 42/43 Wellington/Grand Lake); Cory Gallupe (Station 45 Fall River); Andrew Evans (Station 47 Goffs); Mike Dodge (Station 45 Fall River).

Honoured for five years of service were: Adam Williams (Station 45 Fall River); Barry Walsh (Station 45 Fall River); Shawn Anderson (Station 45 Fall River); and Aaron Van Nostrand (Station 42/43 Wellington/Grand Lake).

Officer of the year awards went to: Nick Yeomans (Station 45 Fall River); Marc Rothwell (Station 42/43 Wellington/Grand Lake); and Jeff Wright *Station 41 Waverley).

Officer choice for Station 41 Waverley went to Gary Bures; Station 45 Fall River it was Brandon Berringer, while for Station 42/43 Wellington/Grand Lake it was Matt Hamer.

The big awards ended the night with the announcement of who was chosen as Firefighter of the Year at each station.

The winners were as follows: Station 47 Goffs – Gary Hunt; Station 42/43 Wellington/Grand Lake – Aaron Van Nostrand; Station 45 Fall River – Shawn Anderson; and Station 41 – Dominic Mallette.

Station 41’s Dominic Mallette is presented with his Firefighter of the Year award. (Healey photo)