Residents of Lake Thomas voiced concern over the location of the outfall pipe into the lake which is their drinking water. (Dagley Media)

FALL RIVER: Just under 150 people sent their concerns to the Premier’s office regarding the treated effluent pipe that is proposed to go into Lake Thomas from the Carr Farm development

On the Facebook page Plan Fall River, a post was made with a photo of Premier Tim Houston and some writing. It was then shared to other community pages asking residents to email and call Premier Houston’s office.

The message that was to be told to Premier Houston was “No treated Carr Farm effluent in Lake Thomas. They can process their effluent on site.” It was shared 66 times from the Plan Fall River page with 30 comments.

The Laker News inquired to the Premier’s office on Sept. 27 asking how many emails and phone calls were received.

As of Oct. 5 afternoon, Catherine Klimek, spokeswoman with the Premier’s office, said there were 88 emails and approximately 50 calls from residents.

“We understand that residents, particularly those who draw their water from Lake Thomas, are concerned about the impacts of effluent discharge on the lake and their drinking water,” said Klimek in an emailed statement.

She said that’s why NSECC Minister Tim Halman took action.

“The Department asked the developer to have the consultant do a due diligence review of the original receiving study on Lake Thomas to ensure that the intake pipe has been considered,” she said. “The residents in that area deserve the utmost confidence in the process.”

Klimek said that has now taken place and residents should have confidence in the system.

“It concludes that given the high-level of treatment, the proposed discharge will not have any measurable impact on the drinking water at the Lake Thomas Park Association intake pipe,” said Klimek.

“Therefore, the wastewater approval will remain in place.”