Drop Zone Halifax is now SEPT. 22. (Easter Seals image)

HALIFAX/FALL RIVER: With unfavourable weather and possible winds, organizers with Drop Zone Halifax have made the decision to post the fundraiser for Easter Seals Nova Scotia a week.

The event was scheduled for Sept. 15 at 1801 Hollis Street in Halifax.

The Laker News’ Pat Healey is disappointed in the postponement as he was gearing up for Friday’s rapel, but he supports the move to psotpone. He will temper his excitement until a week from now.

“It is all about safety and with the weather forecast, and possible winds coming on N.S. sooner due to the hurricane that looks to be coming our way, it’s the right decision,” said Healey. “And hey it gives me a week more to fundraise more for such a great cause that Easter Seals is.”


Organizers spoke with their Tacten technical ropes team and they assessed the week’s weather and potential winds and their recommendation was to make the call to postpone Drop Zone.

“We of course take safety very seriously and want this to be the best experience possible for our participants, staff and volunteers,” said Easter Seals in an email to participants.

The new date will be Sept. 22.


Pat has been given the time he will be heading down 1801 Hollis Street (On the Water Street side).

He will rappel down on the Water Street side (with his back to Halifax Harbour) at approximately 11:40 a.m.

You can still help Pat raise money for Easter Seals by donating to him at: dropzone.thelakernews.com

Pat will prepare for the Rappel with a massage and chiro visit to Pam and Dr. Beth at Fall River Chiropractic on Sept. 20.