Young Beaver Bank girl shows big heart towards homeless

Charlotte Slaunewhite is ready to play Santa and deliver 40 Kindness Kits to those at the homeless encampment at The Gated Community on Cobequid Road this weekend. (Submitted photo)

BEAVER BANK: A young Beaver Bank girl is showing she has a big heart.

Charlotte Slauenwhite, a Grade 3 student at Beaver Bank-Kinsac Elementary School,  saw those who are homeless living in tents at the homeless encampment in her neighbouring community of Sackville she told her mom she wanted to do something to help.

The seed about giving was planted after she watched The Christmas Carol last year, she and her mom said.

Charlotte started a year-long campaign to collect money to help those in need that live inside that Homeless Gated Community on Cobequid Road.

“I imagined how I would feel if I had no food and was cold or had no house,” said Charlotte when asked why she wanted to help out.


Throughout the year, she hand crafted and sold Easter earrings, drew pictures to bring awareness, and collected donations from family and friends.

Charlotte collected enough money to purchase enough items to make up 40 Kindness Kits to give to those in need. NSLC heard of her project and were inspired to give her a generous donation of $200 in food, snacks etc. to add to her kindness kits.

The kindness kits, which she plans to deliver to the homeless on Sunday, consist of a variety of items including warm socks; snacks; Band-Aids; hygiene products; batteries; wet wipes; hand warmers and solar lights – along with other helpful items.

They are all in all in a reusable water resistant/reflective bags.

Charlotte said it makes her happy to brighten their day.

“Because no one should have to live in a tent,” she said. “Hopefully my bags make it a little easier for them.

“It’s like a Christmas stocking.”


Charlotte was asked what she thought one of those at the encampment at the ball field who receives her Kindness Kits would say to her if they got to meet her.

“I would think they would say that they are thankful and would have a smile,” she said with a smile.

The reaction from her friends at BBKES and the community is that of pride and impressed at what she’s done.

“They have been very impressed and proud with how big of a heart I have,” said Charlotte. “I did this all on my own, with support of my family of course, especially my mom (Whitney).

“It doesn’t matter how young or old you are. You can help – kindness is free.”