Atlantic Canadians surveyed on winter weather worries

A deer amongst a wintry landscape. ( photo)

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ATLANTIC CANADA: Very cold temperatures and lots of BRRRs are expected for much of Canada. Atlantic Canada may be above temperature at times and experience icy temperatures as well. 

While winter debuts on December 21, cold temperatures will possibly blow in before then –  meteorological winter starts on December 1. 

The Farmers’ Almanac Winter, 2024 Extended Weather Forecast for Canada says traditional winter weather is coming back. Very cold temperatures and lots of BRRRs are expected for much of the country.  

For Atlantic Canada, the coldest periods are in mid-November, early December, and early to mid-February. Precipitation will be above normal.

The snowiest periods will be in December.


2023 has already been a record-breaking year for expensive weather and climate disasters in Canada. 

According to Catastrophe Indices and Quantification Inc. (CatIQ), Canada has seen insured losses exceeding $3 billion for weather-related events in 2023.

Now, just as things seem serene, the potential destruction of winter is set to start. 

 Hurricanes (76%) personal/family safety (75%) and winter storms (68%) are what concern Atlantic Canadians the most in terms of disasters and weather-related events.  


The coast-to-coast survey of 1508 Canadians was commissioned by First Onsite Property Restoration, to highlight yearlong weather, property restoration and insurance concerns.

The company has been busy in Atlantic Canada lately with several catastrophic weather events and restoration projects rebuilding homes, lives, and businesses. 

 Here was the question: 

How concerned are Canadians about the following types of disasters or weather-related events? 

Winter Storms66%66%72%70%71%51%68%
Extreme freezing58%52%66%61%59%55%63%
Home/workplace Fires53%50%49%48%53%57%57%
Hurricanes or Tropical Storms27%23%6%6%26%35%76%
Tornadoes or Severe Winds52%38%45%56%56%52%60%
Severe Rains or Flooding58%73%48%46%58%54%65%
  Personal or family safety  75%82%73%69%77%70%75%
  My level of insurance coverage  53%60%56%49%55%43%55%
  Having to leave my home or community IN EVENT OF A DISASTER  56%67%53%44%55%53%58%
2023 Catastrophic weather – Source: Angus Reid for First Onsite Property Restoration