FALL RIVER: A Beaver Bank athlete came away from a sports reality-based TV show with new friends and a love for new sports she hadn’t tried beforehand.

Sierra Eshouzadeh, who attends Sackville High School and has a well-rounded boxing pedigree with Citadel Boxing, is excited to see what the 11-episode All-Round Champion TV series, which will air on BYUtv looks like. The premiere for season three is set for March 30, beginning at 9 p.m. Atlantic.

All-Round Champion is an adrenaline-filled sports competition series sees 10 of the best teen athletes from the U.S. and Canada compete against each other. It took place amidst the COVID19 pandemic in Toronto.

A total of 10 sport stars will coach and encourage this season’s cohort of teen athletes as they overcome challenges and conquer their fears in sports including Track Cycling; Gymnastics; Inline Skating; Soccer; Tennis; Trampoline; Pole Vault; Competitive Dance; Sport Climbing; and Boxing

“I had never ever tried pole vault, or rock climbing as a sport, more so just for fun,” she said. “We also did trampoline and to me that’s something you do for fun, but it’s actually a real sport.”

Eshouzadeh said she had butterflies going into the competition because of her unfamiliarity of the sports.

“I hadn’t tried any and had no experience with any and some of the others did, so I was nervous about them,” she said.

The 10 athletes on All Round Champion and Canadian Olympian and World Champion Hurdler, Perdita Felicien.. (Submitted photo)

She was unaware of the show’s existence until her mom, Amanda Jobe, found out about it online.

“Going in it was just for fun, trying to get on the show,” said Eshouzadeh. “I made the cut, which was pretty cool We still didn’t get our hopes up, and when I found out I made the show it was awesome.

“It was really surreal.”

Eshouzadeh said with COVID19 it made things a bit scary.

“In Toronto, the COVID is really bad, more so than what it is here in N.S.,” she said. ‘We had to be incredibly careful. I had to quarantine in a hotel for 48 hours all by myself when I went to Toronto.”

Upon her return to N.S. a few months back, she did her 14-day self-isolation without any issue.

When she made the show, she could only inform her family back home via a phone call as none were with her in Toronto. She was one of five girls on the show, along with five guys.

“I was super excited, but it never hit me until I made the show that I was going away for three months for the show to be filmed,” said Eshouzadeh. “I couldn’t tell anyone I made the show until it was released. It was hard to keep it a secret.”

The show is such a big splash south of the border there are billboards on highways in the Utah area advertising the show. It will air in Canada on TVO Kids, however not until the summer. In order for people to watch it now on BYU they would have to download the app and get a VPN since it’s airing only in the U.S.

Returning as host for the third season is Canadian Olympian and World Champion Hurdler, Perdita Felicien.

Eshouzadeh said the athletes weren’t told where they were going for the different events, they just boarded a bus and went.

“I went to a lot of places in Toronto, but I have no clue where they’re at,” she said with a chuckle.

Beaver Bank’s Sierra Eshouzadeh is one of the 10 athletes on All Around Champion. (Submitted photo)

She the show is one you have to watch each episode to stay connected to what’s happening. Even she doesn’t know what the episodes look like, so is as eager to watch as anyone else.

“There’s a lot of twists and turns,” she said. “It’s intense.

“Everything about it was entertaining, and great for the kids to look up to us and be inspired.”

What was the best part about being on the show?

“Meeting new people, ones that were like me with the same sports lifestyle, always competing, training,” Eshouzadeh said. “It was neat to meet people who are as competitive as me in sports.”

All-Round Champion airs weekly starting March 30 on the BYUtv App at 9 p.m. Atlantic. The winner won’t be announced until the final episode.