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The green space where the Christmas tree lighting takes place every December will soon come alive this summer with construction crews. It will be the home of the new Dairy Queen, expected to be open March 1, 2020. (Healey photo)

Construction of Dairy Queen set for August; to open March 1, 2020

FALL RIVER: The rumours are true. Dairy Queen is coming to Fall River.

Peggy Rust confirmed to The Laker on May 27 that the well-known fast food restaurant will be calling the community home beginning on March 1, 2020. It will be located in the green space next to Tim Hortons.

Construction on the store, which will be approximately 2,600 square feet, is estimated to begin some time in August. Crombie is doing the build. The store will be complete with a drive-thru and a patio for eating outside like many other DQ restaurants. It will be handed over to Rust in the fall to get it ready.

“It seems like a long ways off, but it’s actually not,” she said. “It’s going to go by very quickly.”

Dairy Queen will be looking to hire 45 people, said Rust who added that she has hired her two managers to help with the lead up.

Rust, whose husband Matthew is co-franchise with her and grew up in Fall River, said it’s been a process a year-and-a-half in the making.

“It’s been a little bit longer, it takes time to negotiate leases and get the details all wrapped up,” she said. “Dairy Queen Canada has been very good to deal with. We’re very excited about that cooperation.”

She is hopeful that there is another spot within the Crombie property where the Christmas tree lighting can occur, because it’s a great community event.

“The park area where we will be will still be there,” she said. “I’m just not sure how much room there will be after we’re built. It will still be accessible to residents.”

Rust spoke about the employment impact. The family lives in East Hants.

“We’re excited about being there and employing local people,” she said. “Obviously, with a business like Dairy Queen it involves employing a lot of teens, so I’m sure we’ll get to know all of the kids that attend Lockview High very well.”

She said there has been a lot of great feedback she’s heard through her husbands family.

“It’s quite funny because they’re hearing it from all kinds of people not knowing it’s there family that’s opening it,” said Rust, the store’s owner/operator. “They’re hearing a lot of unsolicited comments.

“People are quite excited, which makes me very happy.”