Big sister was showing lots of love to little sister during the Celebration Day fun event at Milford Rec on Saturday morning. (Healey photo)

MILFORD: The community got to get a look at the accomplishments of the Milford Recreation Association from the past few years on Sept. 23.

The MRA held a Celebration Day at the Milford Rec Hall complete with facepainting; speeches; booths; a slideshow video presentation; a bouncy castle; Lions Club BBQ; and an appearance by firefighters with Milford Vol. Fire.

People who were in attendance got to hear from the firefighters about what they do; why they do it; why they should join up; and a look at some of the gadgets they use.

For the kids, they got the chance to tour the trucks, see the equipment used, and play with the fire hose.

There was a variety of different looks from those doing the facepainting at Milford Rec. (Healey photo)


Besides all that fun, the MRA also recognized a pair of well-deserving wonderful volunteers with the MRA.

They also got to introduce the volunteer non-profit groups new executive Committee.

Speeches were given by Peter Giffen and Colleen Smith (look for those in separate stories).

The celebration was open to include all from the community, both young and old.

Here’s a few of the photos we snapped while we were there.

The 652 Milford Lions Air Cadets had members in attendance to inform people of their program. (Healey photo)
Sara Wood paints the minecraft design on this boys face as per what his shirt looks like. (Healey photo)
Milford Rec’s Colleen Smith gives a speech to a small crowd to kick off Celebration Day on Sept. 23 at Milford Rec Hall. (Healey photo0


The Milford Lions C;ub held a BBQ at the Celebration Event at Milford Rec. (Healey photo)
Facepaiting was popular at the event in Milford on Saturday. (Healey photo_