East Hants RCMP cruiser at an event in Enfield. (Healey photo)

MOUNT UNIACKE: A large chunk of ice is being pointed too as the cause of a serious motor vehicle collision near Mount Uniacke on Dec. 22.

Officers with East Hants RCMP responded to the MVC along Highway 101 near the community.

S/Sgt. Cory Bushell said police received a call that a Blue Dodge Ram pulling a horse trailer had a large piece of ice come off the trailer roof and strike the windshield of an SUV, smashing it.


He said luckily, there were no serious injuries during this dangerous situation.

“Police want to remind motorists to remove all ice and snow which could obscure the driver’s view,” said S/Sgt. Bushell. “or which could cause a hazard by falling from the vehicle while it is in motion.”

It was unclear if there were any summary offence ticket or charges forthcoming from this incident.