Cleanup, restoration set to begin at Elmsdale Legion

The Elmsdale Legion provided an update on repair work. (Legion photo/Facebook)

ELMSDALE: Cleanup and restoration will begin this week at the Elmsdale Legion from the devastating flood that caused damage and forced it to close for the time being.

In a letter to members of the Legion, Building Chair Bruce Richards had good news to share.

“I’m pleased to be able to give you a positive update on our Legion, branch 48 Elmsdale,” Richards said.

“I’m excited as are all of your executives to inform you all that construction starts this coming week on the clean up and restoration from the devastating flood.”


Richards continued saying that the Legion’s insurance has agreed to cover damages in a modified fashion. He added they will have some work to do.

“First is to completely remove effected materials and mold from the basement, remove and replace/update all effected electrical components in the basement. Remove all ventilation duct and replace,” Richards said.

“Second is to remove all flooring from our main hall and dance floor along with stage area carpet,” he added.

“The flooring and dance floor will be replaced once all remedial works are completed.”


Richards said this undertaking is going to be time consuming to get the Legion back on track and in better shape than before.

“I’m sorry for the time it has taken to get everyone some positive news, as opposed to listening to the rumours that we be closing that have been circulating,” he said.

“Well folks it will take some time, but we are hoping we’ll be back enjoying time at our Legion soon.

“I will do my best to give you all updates on progress.”