COLUMN: MP’s News and Views with Darrell Samson

MP Darrell Samson. (Darrell Samson photo)

Lest we forget

We live in a country that is strong and free thanks to those who fought selflessly to achieve peace.

On November 11th, Canadians remember those who have lost their lives serving in the Canadian Forces and thank those who served and continue to serve.  It is always inspiring to see our local communities come together, either in person or virtually, to ensure we continue to honour past and present members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Our diverse population of Veterans has served in many military efforts, both on Canadian soil and abroad, as peacekeepers as well as in combat operations, humanitarian efforts and domestic support missions.

Women have always been essential to Canadian wartime efforts, whether they were serving in the military or filling labour shortages and leading on the home front. 

Indigenous people continue to proudly serve in uniform today, just as they did during the Second World War.

Last year, we recognized the service of Nova Scotia’s No. 2 Construction Battalion—also known as the Black Battalion—and their important role during the First World War as the first and only all-Black battalion in Canadian military history.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the poppy as the symbol of Remembrance, which drew inspiration from Canadian John McCrae’s poem “In Flanders Fields”.  As we look down at the poppies on our lapels, let us be thankful for the brave men and women who risked their lives so we can live in the world we do today.

Back to work!

With the election now behind us, we begin to move forward with a clear mandate for finishing the fight against COVID-19, rebuilding our economy, and addressing key issues that many Canadians are facing today.

Now that the new cabinet has been named and ministers have been assigned their portfolios, the business of government can fully resume.

There are many pending projects across the riding, which I will be following up on with the newly appointed ministers to expedite the final approval so funding can be released.

CALLING ON OUR YOUTH – with an opportunity to be more politically engaged

The Constituency Youth Council (CYC) is a non-partisan program for youth aged 14 – 21, which allows youth to have their voice heard on policy issues facing Canada. This is their chance to learn about Canada’s political process and most importantly, get involved in our community.

The opportunity to include youth voices is important to me. Their perspective brings new light to issues affecting our communities and our country, and I look forward to bringing this fresh perspective with me when I am in the House of Commons.

If anyone 14 to 21 years of age is interested in joining this year’s Constituency Youth Council, which will begin in January 2022, please send us an email with the subject “CYC” to 


Our riding is abundant with beautiful scenery, including several lakes and waterways, the rugged Atlantic coast, and many iconic community landmarks.  Locally, we have Fisherman’s Cove, Rainbow Haven, The Moose, the Salt Marsh Trail, and many other places that are popular subjects of both amateur and professional photographers.

We want to see your photos of the natural beauty in our riding! These can be of any scene in any season.

We would like to share your photos in upcoming newsletters and/or on social media, so please include a brief description of when and where it was taken.

You can submit your photos to: with the subject “Photos”

I look forward to seeing them!