Councillor Cathy Deagle Gammon. (Healey photo)

FALL RIVER: Cathy Deagle Gammon is well aware of the traffic lights issue at Highway 2 and Fall River Road by the Sobeys/Wilson’s.

The councillor who lives in Fall River and experiences the issue of the traffic lights first hand said people let her know almost instantly when there are issues with the traffic lights, either by phone or email.

Deagle Gammon said they thought they had a solution for the issue with the lights. But a week or so after, a sensor went in the lights, and they were back to square one.

“Within 24 hours, people let me know about it,” she said. “Traffic service was able to get out and do an assessment, but it does need more attention.

“We do need to figure out some better solutions.”

She said HRM’s traffic engineers have federal and provincial standards about what can and cannot happen, and have a strategic way of assessing lights, what works, what doesn’t work, gathering their data.

“I do know that it is something that they are getting a lot of questions on from myself as well as from residents,” said Deagle Gammon. “I’m very hopeful that we’ll come to a better place with the light soon. I do know that it’s a significant issue and it is getting some attention.

“The problem is it’s not getting this as fast as we all want.”

Elise Victoria – Windgate development

WINDSOR JUNCTION: While the bulk of this proposed development, which is set to have a public meeting at North West Community Council on Dec. 13, falls under Councillor Lisa Blackburn’s district, one impact in Deagle Gammon’s riding is a potential cut through to Elise Victoria Drive in Capilano Estates.

“The people who are there and live there were not informed of the understanding that it would always be a dead-end street,” she said. “It is a reserve road.

“The concern is that we all know Beaver Bank has a huge traffic issue and if that cut through comes down Elise Victoria, then will people from Beaver Bank cut through this new development to Elise Victoria, to either come down here at Windsor Junction, Windgate, or down here to the Fall River Road and out.”

She said the developer is aware of the concern as are members of North West Community Council.

“We’ll see what happens at the public hearing,” she said. “I do believe that people are trying to find solutions about what the impact is.

“I think the people in Elise Victoria aren’t against development next them, it’s just about the cut through.

Speed reductions in residential streets

WAVERLEY: Speeds on residential streets in District 1 could soon be reduced, as part of a motion that was passed at regional council. The reductions have begun in other parts of HRM.

Deagle Gammon said there are a couple of streets in the Dartmouth end of District 1 that have had speed zones in their subdivisions reduced. Those include Barry’s Run in Waverley.

“I think it’s just taking time to transition all those roads down to the new speed,” she said.

Recently, streets in Lower Sackville saw their speeds reduced. That spiked Deagle Gammon’s interest.

“When I did see the that said, I put it on my to do list to say I should call back again and say, ‘when are we going to see that here?’ It’s on my to do list.”