Residents pay it forward to long-time community volunteer

WINDSOR JUNCTION: A group of residents came together Tuesday morning to pay it forward to a long-time Windsor Junction volunteer.

The group, led by Haley Ellerbeck, were at Bussy’s home in Windsor Junction cutting up and piling wood for the coming winter season after hearing of him only having a few chords. So, they went to work, and between a donation of half a chord from Barrett Firewood in Beaver Bank and the group piling their money together were able to get him some more.

On Tuesday, they were all gathered at Bussy’s home seen piling the wood.

While they really didn’t do it for recognition but more about giving back to someone who has cared and given his time in the community, Michele Stephen, Bussy’s sister-in-law, felt it was worthy to be noted.

“It’s amazing what they are doing for him,” she said. “They need to be recognized for this. He’s so grateful for them.”

For their part, Ellerbeck said she knows how much Bussy gives back so it’s only right that he gets looked after, and this was a perfect time for her and four others who she works with at AHTPOS. Two of them are from the Fall River area and have had first-hand experience seeing Bussy at the WJCC.

“We thought we would help out and get him some wood for the rest of the winter,’ said Ellerbeck. “Hopefully, it will last the full winter.”

She said one can tell how happy Bussy is.

“We feel amazing to help out,” said Ellerbeck. “He can’t believe we’re coming here just to help him out.”

Children went by and they each said hi to Bussy earlier in the day. That shows what he means to the community, said Ellerbeck.

“It shows what the kids think of him,” she said. “Everyone is so nice to him because he’s so nice to everyone. He would give the shirt of his back to people.

“This is just paying it forward for him giving back to the community.”