Quinn Hawley is playing Santa for the children at the IWK. She collected plenty of crayons; sewed pillowcases; and more craft supplies. (Healey photo)

FLETCHERS LAKE: Children staying at the IWK in Halifax over the holidays will have plenty of crafts and fun games to play, thanks to a very thoughtful young girl from Fletchers Lake.

Quinn Hawley, who was heading in to the hospital for another surgery on Dec. 6, put out a plea to the community on her mom’s Facebook post about wanting to collect some crafts and games to give to the kids at the IWK who may have to stay there over the holidays.

As of Dec. 3, the Georges P. Vanier Junior High student had collected upwards of five Sobeys bags full of craft supplies and more for the children at the IWK. One of the ways items were purchased came after sister Maeve and friend Regan made pompom wreaths and sold them—they used that money for some of the items.

Seeing Quinn’s face light up as she explained what she did while beating this reporter good in a game of Jenga—a game she would likely play 24 hours a day if she could—was impeccable. Brother Ewan watched on to, cheering on his sister.

It showed how much care Quinn had for others without even knowing them.

Among the items that she was taking in to the IWK were pillowcases that the 1st Canal Girl Guides sewed together for their friend Quinn. She also had a plethora of packs of crayons; markers; notebooks; and two pairs of shoes that are zipper-like for those children with difficulty there.

She was appreciative of all the items that were dropped off.

“This is a big help to me, so thank you everyone,” said Quinn, with encouragement from her mom.

As she got ready for a photo with the bulk of the items she had collected for the children, Quinn was still filled with excitement.

While a bit sad that she had to go in for another surgery, knowing she was taking her goodies in to the IWK to help other children made her feel better.

“I’m sad I have to have another surgery,” she said. “But I’m getting to help other kids who are sick with these items so that makes me happy.”

And with that she was off to have supper with Mave, who she really was excited to come home from getting her first COVID-19 vaccine shot, and the rest of her family.

One can only imagine how much Quinn was smiling (and maybe giggling) as she filled her cart with the goodies and delivered them before her surgery on Dec. 6.

To find out more about Child Life Donations to the children at the IWK, please check out – https://www.iwk.nshealth.ca/childrens-health/child-life-donation-information .