AMHERST: The following is a statement from Cumberland North PC MLA Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin, regarding Minister Chuck Porter and the continued problems with the Emergency Management Office:

Yesterday, Nova Scotians were once again frightened to learn of an armed, dangerous suspect whose whereabouts were unknown. 

What is equally frightening to Nova Scotians is the length of time it took for their government to issue this alert, especially since the suspect had previously been identified by the RCMP in New Brunswick.

While an alert went out quickly to alert residents in New Brunswick, the Nova Scotia Emergency Management Office and the provincial government took hours to send an alert to Nova Scotians.

Sadly, we know all too well in this province what the consequences can be for delays in notifying the public of immediate danger. What we learned today is that no progress has been made since the events of April 18-19th. 

If the Emergency Management Office in its current capacity is not able to deliver these alerts in a timely manner, then the process needs an overhaul. At minimum, it needs a new minister.

I’m calling on the next Liberal Premier to assure Nova Scotians that he will find a new minister capable of overseeing this responsibility and that Minister Chuck Porter will not keep that role. 

She ended the statement with praise for the officers involved.

Thank you to all police forces for working together and safely apprehending the suspect without further incident.