Donation from Sackville Lions will make a “real impact” for patients

The Lions Club with Stacey Chapman making the donation. (Submitted photo)

LOWER SACKVILLE: The Cobequid Health Centre Foundation has received support from a fellow community organization for an item that will make treatment for cancer a bit more easier for patients.

Earlier this week, members of the Sackville Lions club presented the Health Centre Foundations Stacey Chapman with a cheque towards a Blanket Warmer.

Lions club members who made the presentation to Chapman were King Lion Dale Clarke; Bobby Dean; Jan Deveaux; and Don Pickrell.

The cheque was for $5,000.

Chapman said the donation is most welcomed from the Lions Club.

“We’re thrilled that the Sackville Lions Club provided this donation,” she told The Laker News. “The blanket warmer will have such a positive impact on the Cobequid Centre’s Cancer Care Centre.”

The Cobequid’s Cancer Care Clinic provides outpatient assessment for cancer treatment for all solid tumor sites.

The following oncologists have clinics Monday to Friday at Cobequid:

Dr. Nathan Lamond (Head of Medical Oncology) – Head, Neck &
Dr. Ravi Ramjeesingh – Breast, Pancreases & Cholangial
Dr. Bruce Colwell – Breast & Colorectal
Dr. Daniel Rayson – Breast & Neuroendocrine
Dr. Arik Drucker – Breast & Lung
Dr. Mary MacNeil – Central Nervous System

In an explainer on the Blanket Warmer, Chapman said patients have provided feedback that they like coming to Cobequid.

“It is a more relaxing atmosphere, which is important as many patients have high anxiety due to their chemotherapy
treatment or due to follow-up visits to discuss their CT Scans,” said Chapman.

She said the warm blankets from a warmer will provide many of our frail patients some warmth and
comfort during their visits with their oncologists.

“This simple addition will make a real impact,” she said.