East Hants’ largest community homecoming returns in July

East Hants TideFest.

The following is an advertorial promoting Tide Fest July 14-16 submitted to us:

LANTZ: With less than two months left on the countdown clock, the volunteers behind East Hants Tide Fest are getting ready for the wave of excitement to hit once again.

Promoted as the community’s “biggest event of the summer,” this homecoming festival held at the East Hants Sportsplex is now entering its fifth year (two years were skipped due to pandemic restrictions).

A fully volunteer-run, non-profit event, dozens of people are currently bustling to bring everything together for a bigger and better 2023.

“There’s really a ton of planning that goes on behind the scenes,” says Aurora Douthwright, a lead volunteer on Tide Fest. “I’ve been working on this event since it started in 2017.

“After a few difficult years during the pandemic, we have a lot of new volunteers with the Come Home East Hants Association this year, with many being new to East Hants.

“Tide Fest is built to bring people together and celebrate our community, and our volunteers simply can’t wait to show everyone a great time.”

The lineup of festivities for this year spans three days July 14-16.

The Girl Guides were at Tidefest selling cookies. Sadly, Pat didn’t get any as he only had debit. (Healey photo)
The family fair in past years (submitted photo)

Events include:

  • Two nights of local music, including Friday night with Hundred proof and The Lounge Fly’s, then a Coldstream Clear Kitchen Party on Saturday with music by Tristan Legg & The Mad Dogs and Farewell Town 
  • Washer Toss Tournament (confirmed by Guinness World Records as the World’s Largest in 2017)
  • A free family fair with bouncy castles and activities for all ages on Saturday
  • A local market with vendors from the community on Sunday
  • Food Truck fair all weekend long
  • Exciting new youth programming by Summer Camps Unplugged
  • NEW: Tide Fest is working with the Nova Scotia Minor Ball Hockey Association on the youth ball hockey tournament over the course of three days.

“None of the exciting things we have planned would be possible without sponsors,” said Douthwright. “Our title sponsor for the fifth year in a row is E-Commerce Solutions by Canucks Inc.

“Other big supporters include businesses like CKG Elevator, Coldstream Clear, Integrity Homes, and Happy Harry’s, among others.

“We are always so thrilled to work with local businesses, and it’s amazing to see how many of them are willing to give back to this non-profit event.”

If businesses are interested in sponsoring Tide Fest, the package is available on their website.

(submitted photo)
(submitted photo)

Another way to get involved is to participate in the Local Market. This one-day “East Hants expo” will bring together over 40 vendors from the area to promote, sell, or raise awareness of their cause.

Tables are $25 and must be secured in advance; details are on the Tide Fest website.

Tide Fest is a not-for-profit event, and the Come Home East Hants association donates the funds raised during the weekend back to the community. In years past, more than $20,000 of profits have been donated directly back to organizations including Corridor Community Options for Adults in Enfield, local food banks, and the East Hants Family Resource Centre, to name a few.

Plus, certain events raise funds for the organizations who host them. This is the case for the Ball Hockey Tournament, which will be hosted by the Nova Scotia Minor Ball Hockey Association who are growing their presence in East Hants. 

Ball hockey is back. 9Submitted photo)
(submitted photo)

With everything involved in planning for the community’s biggest homecoming event, a lot of the success simply boils down to spreading the word.

“We’re not a brand-new event anymore, so people are definitely more aware now of what Tide Fest is all about,” she said. “Right now, we’re letting everyone know it’s time to start getting excited again, make your plans, invite your family, buy your tickets. Even sharing a post on social media helps.

“We hope this will be the biggest year yet, and we still have some exciting announcements to make, so we hope everyone will follow us online and stay tuned.”

For more details about Tide Fest 2023, visit www.TideFest.ca.

The festival will be held July 14-16 at the East Hants Sportsplex – tickets and registration are now open online and everything is in limited supply – so don’t delay.

Interested in volunteering or supporting Tide Fest? Email them at ehtidefest@gmail.com.

East Hants TideFest.
It’s going to be a rockin’ weekend at Tide Fest 2023.