FALL RIVER: Rush-hour motorists and pedestrians along Fall River Road on Thursday afternoon May 25 were greeted by Thomas Trappenberg, Leader of the Green Party of Nova Scotia.

Trappenberg was out meeting voters in the competitive Waverley – Fall River – Beaver Bank electoral district. He was there to support local Green Party candidate Anthony Edmonds, and the two were surrounded by Green Party volunteers.

The following day, May 26, PC Leader Jamie Baillie and NDP leader Gary Burrill both appeared with their candidates for the district, which appears to be shaping into a four-way race, if frequent horn-honking, waves and thumbs-up for the Greens translate into votes.

Anthony Edmonds, Green Party candidate in Waverley – Fall River – Beaver Bank, has been witnessing increasing support as he’s gone door-to-door.

“Maybe it’s the recent Green breakthrough in B.C., or the ever growing Green presence in P.E.I. and New Brunswick,” said Edmonds in a release, “but I’ve gotten a strong sense at the doors that voters are getting ready to change away from the status-quo parties in this election”.

Throughout the campaign, Edmonds talked about local issues with voters door-to-door.

“People know the Greens are strong on environment, so I’ve been asked plenty about the Fall River quarry,” he said. “There have also been worries expressed about the recent oil spill and its impact on drinking water.

“However, I’ve found that most voters are concerned, like me, about employment prospects for their kids, and they feel that the establishment politics of the Liberals, NDP and PCs are not working well in that regard”.

All four parties have been working hard on the ground to reach as many voters as possible before election day.

“If everyone who was afraid they might be wasting their vote on me decided to take that chance, then I’m confident we could see our first Green MLA in Nova Scotia, just like in PEI, New Brunswick and BC,” added Edmonds.

Edmonds is looking for the support of voters to unseat Liberal Incumbent Bill Horne; PC Dan McNaughton; and NDP’s Trevor Sanipass.