ELECTION: Frampton seeking to unseat Blackburn in Beaver Bank

Greg Frampton is making it a race for the municipal seat in the Beaver Bank riding. (Submitted photo)

The following is a candidate profile

BEAVER BANK: Here is some information on District 14 municipal council candidate Greg Frampton as provided by him to The Laker News.

Frampton is seeking to unseat Lisa Blackburn in the HRM riding of District 14 Upper/Middle Sackville-Lucasville-Beaver Bank during the Oct. 17 municipal election.

About me and Positions

If elected I plan on being a full time councilor. I look forward to the honour of serving the people of District 14 and welcome your comments on how you would like to see Municipal Government work for you.

I have been a small business owner and general manager in the non profit sector, plumbing, construction, and homecare services as well as have been a civil servant for many years in various departments and in front line roles assisting people :

Community Services supervising licensing of daycares and special needs facilities, Dept of Tourism – marketing and finance, Economic Development – research to increase the population, exports, and growing of small business in Nova Scotia, Municipal Affairs as a Provincial Assessor, and with DND as a construction manager.


I will support citizens rights and freedoms over their person and property rights as well as to transact as they see fit, in some cases this means freedom from excessive government intervention where none is required.

Taxation and Fees – I would like to see much lower tax rates. Over recent years Assessment values have been increasing for a variety of reasons including ease of loan creation. Tax rates have not been reduced substantially thus leading to higher tax bills and excess funding excess spending. This leads to budget problems in times of economic downturns such as we have now.
Wages and incomes of taxpayers have not experienced the same inflation, now made worse by Covid 19 shutdowns, increasing the burden on taxpayers. Reducing taxes and fees will be welcome.
I will support reasonable funding to provide good quality and typical municipal services such as public works, safety, policing, transit, recreation and reasonable administration costs with the aim of saving money where possible. Surplus after rainy day fund removed should result in lower taxes in future years for residents.

Policing – I will not support changing policing in HRM that places public safety at risk, such as defunding or reducing funding to police, especially during an economic downturn. We do not want to be defending ourselves. I will support a fair and transparent complaints process and possibly increased training and reasonable recommendations that will improve procedures and delivery of police services.
I am against radar camera speeding ticket devices and see it as a money grab.

Use of the public funds to back private interests – I will not support efforts or lobbyists of the private sector to get public funds to backstop or guarantee private sector for-profit enterprises. Also I will not support schemes that require the tax payer to be on the hook that promise increased economic activity based on lofty projections. I will be favourable to providing moral and organizational support for viable economic projects.

Affordable housing – I will support an increase in approved housing developments for reasonably priced lots in HRM to increase the housing supply, and not to restrict it.

I shall support small business where possible and support home based businesses, community and home based gardening, and not restrict reasonable home based income producing jobs for citizens.

Climate Change taxes – I will not support new taxes or fees based on climate change.

I will support low income initiatives including tax reductions based on income, and low fee or free transit passes.


Off highway vehicle areas – I will support volunteer groups in creating new trails for off highway recreational vehicles.

Community gardening – I will support volunteer groups who want to use designated public or private lands for food gardening to supplement their needs and training youth in the areas of farming.

Working with other agencies for job creation – I will do what I can to access funding for new job creation programs in the community.

To find out more information on Frampton, you can follow him on several Social Media channels.

This includes Twitter @Greg_Frampton; and Facebook: put in the following link: https://www.facebook.com/Greg-Frampton-District-14-HRM-Elections-2020-109800490859909.