MAIN PHOTO: Emma Archibald received a special presentation from the City of Halifax on Aug. 31. Pictured, Archibald talks about her participation with The War Amps. (Healey photo)

FALL RIVER: A young Fall River girl was honoured this week for her involvement with a national organization and helping spread the message about The War Amps in the community.

A seemingly shocked Emma Archibald was visited by Mayor Mike Savage where he presented her a certificate from the Halifax Regional Municipality for her role as a Junior Counsellor to younger amputees at CHAMP seminars, exemplifying a positive approach to challenges.

The 17-year-old, heading into Grade 12 at Lockview High, was born missing part of her hand and feet.

“When I was younger I was in a lot of parades just helping to spread the message to spot the danger and to play safe,” said Archibald. “I did the Apple Blossom parade a lot.”

In a release, The War Amps said Archibald is very qualified to spread the safety message as she has met children who have lost limbs in accidents

Archibald said she enjoys attending the CHAMP seminars.

“It’s really nice to go to them and being with all those others that are in the same situation as me,” she said. “It’s just very comforting. I was always excited to go. It’s like a whole little community. It’s really nice.”

She didn’t initially see herself as a role model, but as she has gotten older she does.

“It was really cool growing up and having role models, and the past couple of years it’s neat how I’ve become the role model,” said Archibald. “It was so weird as I still saw myself like that little kid looking up to the older ones. I want to keep going to them.”

Mayor Mike Savage (right) and Councillor Steve Streatch presented Emma Archibald with a plaque from HRM on Aug. 31. The presentation took place while all socially distanced and had masks on. It was done as part of a visit to the community by Savage. (Healey photo)

Danita Chisholm, Executive Director of the War Amps CHAMP Program, commented on the recognition Archibald received.

“We’re so pleased with Emma’s well-deserved recognition by the City of Halifax,” said Chisholm.

Archibald, one of three girls in her family, joked a bit with Mayor Savage and Councillor Steve Streatch, who was also on hand for the presentation, as they sat and talked on the families back deck, with a nice wooded area behind the house.

She wants to enter the medical field, because of her zest for giving back to others. Archibald loves kids and thinks the pediatric field might be right up her alley.

“She loves Sciences,” added her mom with a chuckle.

Archibald was honoured to get the plaque.

“I never even knew about it until my mom told me,” she said. “I always thought The War Amps did so much for me, I never thought that I represented and never realized I was giving back so much.

“It means a lot to receive the plaque. I really appreciate it.”