Fall River area youth recognized by HRM for volunteer efforts

Emma Browne and Ewan Hawley are District 1's Youth volunteer award winners. (Submitted photo)

FALL RIVER: Ewan Hawley owes the prodding from a friend for finding out he was selected as a Youth Volunteer winner for HRM District 1.

Hawley was in his French class at Lockview High in early April when his phone rang. He wasn’t going to answer it, because well he was in class.

“I was in the middle of French class, and I thought it was a spam call, and my friend told me to answer it,” recalled Hawley. “I owe the notification of me getting the award to my friend.”

He said the French class teacher had no problem with him taking the phone.

“She was impressed,” he said. “She thought it was good that we were volunteering in the community and helping out.”

Emma Browne of Windsor Junction joined Hawley as the second youth volunteer recipient for District 1 Waverley-Fall River-Musquodoboit Valley. She was told in a letter in the mail.


Ewan Hawley being presented his Youth Volunteer Award for HRM District 1 by Councillor Cathy Deagle Gammon and Mayor Mike Savage. 9Submitted photo)

The two Lockview High students are involved with the Youth Leadership/summer camp program offered by Halifax Rec at the Snow Centre in Fall River.

They were among six volunteers from the riding, represented by Councillor Cathy Deagle Gammon, recognized at the volunteer awards.

Hawley, a Grade 9 student, said he was surprised to have been nominated.

“I didn’t expect that I would be,” he said.

His work ethic and being someone that people could rely on made him in the view of staff at the summer camp as a leader and role model for the other youth.

He helped come up with ideas for the other kids to do at camp and at the community action event the group did at the end of the summer.

Browne said to work with the kids during the summer camp was really fun. She was humbled at being one of the two selected for the award.

“It felt really good to be recognized,” said Browne. “I always tried my best in helping the other youth.”

She was nominated because she took on a role as leader during summer camps no matter the task and was willing to help out when asked.

Browne took initiative to motive others and lead them when they were playing games.


Kael Hueston, Youth Leader coordinator with Halifax Parks and Rec, said the two were no brainers to be nominated for the award.

“They showed great determination, both wanted to be here with Rec, and were great leaders,” he said. “Anytime they were in camps they always stepped up. They were here doing modules and training, and both stepped out of their comfort zones early on.”

Hawley and Browne both spoke about why they like being involved in the Youth Leadership program at the Snow Centre.

“It helps me gain leadership experience and I like you can interact with the various community groups,” said Hawley.

“It’s great to get involved with the community,” added Browne.


Councillor Cathy Deagle Gammon and Mayor Mike Savage present Emma Browne with her HRM District 1 Youth Volunteer award. (Submitted photo)

Browne, who is in Grade 9, got her notice of being a recipient in the mail.

“I thought it was for my sister,” she said. “She used to work for Rec and then we saw my name and we were very confused.”

A few of her friends wondered what the award was for, so Browne explained it to them.

“They were happy for me,” she said.

The two had a message for other youth in the community who might be thinking of joining the Youth Leadership Program at the Snow Centre, but just aren’t quite sure.

“Just come out and do it,” said Hawley. “It’s a fun way to spend the summer. You can do it with your friends, like I did. I learned new skills, and its better then being bored.”


Hawley said some of the new skills he learned from being in the program include communicating; being able to answer questions from others.

“We were all scared the first week, there were a lot of people I didn’t know,” added Browne. “We started talking and it really became a fun summer.”

The new Youth Leadership Program at the Snow Centre will begin at the start of July.

Other volunteer recipients for District 1 Waverley-Fall River-Musquodoboit Valley were: Gerald Burgess; Kim Conrad; Jim Reid; and Sarah Williams.