Fall River intersection lights, no-left turn lane among concerns voiced at community meeting

Councillor Cathy Deagle Gammon carefully answers a question on the traffic.lights at the Fall River Plaza intersection during the community meeting. (Healey photo).

FALL RIVER:  Issues around the Fall River Sobeys intersection and not turning left into the Irving gas station were among the items mentioned during a resident-organized community meeting.

It was one of the hot topics discussed at a resident-organized community meeting held recently at the LWF Hall in Fall River.

Councillor Cathy Deagle Gammon answered the question asked about the intersection to the best of her ability before the full house.

“The bane of my existence since coming in as councillor has been the lights at the Fall River Sobeys intersection,” said Deagle Gammon.

“There’s two issues there. One is the lights and the second is vehicles making a left-hand turn into the Irving (former Wilson’s).”


Deagle Gammon said there have been plenty of discussions ongoing within HRM about the issue.

“We’ve talked with HRM traffic Services a lot, and we were in negotiations with Wilson’s to have a sign that said No Left Turns, but the tankers have to go in off the Fall River Road so we couldn’t put up a physical barrier that would prevent left-hand turns into it.”

Now, it has moved over to new owners under Couche-Tard using the Circle K/Irving brand name for the gas station.

“We’re back to square one on the drawing board,” said Deagle Gammon. “The request is in for a no left turning vehicles except authorized vehicles sign.

“However, they (Irving/Couche-Tard) can contest it. It depends on how they will receive this information because when the building was built, and planning done it was approved.”

She said that’s where things stand on the left-hand turn issue.


As for the intersection itself and the traffic lights, the equipment would need to be upgraded for anything to change.

She said they have monitored it and changed it on a couple of occasions.

“The infrastructure is an older system,” said Deagle Gammon. “A new left turn signal would have to go into the capital planning.

“It’s in discussion now for the next budget year, but how they will triage and what criteria they will use and what intersections will get this is yet to be determined.

“Traffic services knows it’s number one on my list, but we’ll have to see where it goes when we’re negotiating budget.


Deagle Gammon said Traffic Services is not deeming it to be dangerous, although she agrees with residents who do.

“I’ve nearly been kissed in the back bumper more times than once,” she said. “It’s not a very good spot at all.”

She brings it up whenever there is development agreements as well.

“That intersection can not handle the traffic without being resolved,” said Deagle Gammon.

It was not part of capital budget discussions for 2023 budget year, she told the crowd.

Deagle Gammon said one thing that did come out of the last budget for 2023 was that there would be a helicopter view of traffic around Waverley, Wellington, and Fall River.

“There will be a traffic study done looking at what influence there might be with the Wellington Connector, and looking at impact for Waverley and Fall River, and what does future growth in terms of traffic will look like and possible solutions,” she said.

“There are lots of discussions around if a roundabout at the intersection is that solution, but we’ll have to wait to see what that study says and its recommendations.”