Fall River singer Austin showcasing at ECMA’s in Fredericton

DeeDee Austin performs at Stanfest - Rise Again. (Submitted photo)

FALL RIVER: A Fall River musician is taking the next step on her musical journey this weekend as she showcases and networks at the ECMA’s in Fredericton, N.B.

DeeDee Austin (also known as Kennedy Austin) of the Fall River area is set to be a showcase artist in Fredericton to music executives and those in the business at the awards gala, which recognizes the best in the East Coast music scene.

In a recent interview at a Fall River coffee shop, DeeDee, a part-time student at Lockview High, said getting to showcase is “super exciting.”

“I never thought that I’d ever get this opportunity,” the 16-year-old Indigenous artist said. “I never thought that this opportunity would come as quick as it did.

“I get a showcase myself as an artist and I get to network and build more connections, which I really am looking forward to, especially that I’m only 16 years old.”

She feels honoured, blessed, and grateful that she was asked to showcase.

“I was a little bit shocked when I got the email asking to showcase. I really have no words to describe it honestly,” said DeeDee. “I just can’t wait for it to come.”

Recently, Austin performed at the Stanfest Folk Festival- Rise Again show where more than 130, 000 people were said to be tuned in on the live stream and a full room of people in person.

DeeDee Austin performs at The Old Triangle in Charlottetown, PEI. (Healey photo)

The likes of Carolyn Dawn Johnson; George Canyon; Dave Gunning; Bruce Guthro; Catherine McLellan; and more also took the stage.

“We all got to do our little performances and I got to build some amazing connections, especially with George Cannon,’ she said.

Since getting back home she has only stayed busy, which makes being a part-time student the perfect fit. She attends school three times a week and has the other two off which is sued for her music career and rest.

She currently has about six projects on the go in the studio.

“As most people know, I just released Buried Truth last year, officially one year coming up soon,” said DeeDee. “I’m actually writing a sequel to it. I have it written, but I’m just waiting to get more studio time and I’m going to whip that up. I’m actually showcasing that song at the ECMA’s for the first time.”

DeeDee hopes to put out an album but thinks she’s just going to take it single by single right now.

She hopes that going to the ECMA’s will bring gainful rewards.

“I just hope that networking and building connections will bring good things,” she said. “I would love to collaborate with some artists that are further along in their career than I am.”