FALL RIVER: A Fall River woman says she will keep playing Salsa Bingo and TAG even after having her numbers ring up as winners in the Aug. 29 TAG draw.

Charlotte Redden matched all six numbers in the draw, winning $100,000 through the lotto playing with her Salsa Bingo ticket.

She said she loves checking her Salsa Bingo numbers first thing in the morning over a cup of tea, when her husband and two teenage children aren’t up yet.

“That’s my happy time,” she told The Laker.

Charlotte Redden was the Aug. 29 TAG winner, winning $100,000. (ALC Photos)

Redden said the winnings will help her put a new roof on the family house and buy a new vehicle, with the rest being set aside for the children.

“Maybe we’ll have to sneak a cruise in there or something too,” she added with a chuckle.

The winning ticket was purchased at the Fall River Kwik Way (Mason’s) on Fall River Road. The retailer will receive a one per cent seller’s prize.