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ELMSDALE: Here is a look at some of the responses for East Hants and Stewiacke volunteer fire departments. Some of the information is for months of January and February as well.

This was a column that ran monthly when we had a print issue of The Weekly Press.

Information is not in detail and supplied by the fire departments participating. For this month those include Enfield Fire; Elmsdale Fire; Indian Brook Fire; Stewiacke Fire; Nine Mile River Fire; Uniacke Fire; and Kennetcook Fire.

(We welcome the other departments to continue providing the information, we just don’t have all their info to connect with the new setup.)

Enfield Fire responded to 26 calls, led by 11 medical assists in January. They were also paged for seven motor vehicle collisions; five mutual aid requests; two alarm activations and one structure fire.

In February, they had 36 calls, led by 27 medical assists. Firefighters heard their pagers go off for three mutual aid requests; three motor vehicle collisions, one flue fire, one alarm activation and one other call.

For March, Enfield responded to 20 calls, with half of those (10) being medical assists. They also were paged to six mutual aid requests; one motor vehicle collision; one structure fire; one alarm activation; and one brush fire.

Uniacke Fire responded to 10 calls in January, led by six medical assists; two motor vehicle collisions; one mutual aid request; and one fire alarm activation.

In Feb., they had 20 calls, led by 11 medical assists and six motor vehicle collisions. The firefighters also were paged too one mutual aid request; one chimney fire; and one fire alarm activation.

From March 1-21, the department had 10 medical assists. 

Many current and upcoming activities at the Uniacke Fire Hall have been cancelled.  To read more on cancelled and postponed events, please go to

Elmsdale Fire had a busy three months to start 202, with 26 calls in January led by 16 medical assists. They also had five alarm activations; three motor vehicle collisions; and two fire calls.

For February, they had 22 calls with 15 medical assists topping that number. This number included five motor vehicle collisions and two fire calls.

In March, they had 16 calls, led by seven medical assists. The department also responded to five fire calls, three motor vehicle collisions, and one power line fire.

Indian Brook Fire has joined the monthly column. For January, they had nine calls led by six mutual aid requests and three medical assists.

For Feb., they had six calls, led by four mutual aid requests, one medical assist, and one residential fire alarm.

In March, they had five calls, led by three mutual aid requests and two grass fires.

Milford Fire responded to 28 calls over the three months. This number is broken down to 21 mutual aid calls and seven of their own area.

The total is led by 11 mutual aid request calls to Shubenacadie; five to HRM Fire; three motor vehicle collision calls; two mutual aid calls to Stewiacke; one medical assist; one CO Detector call; one power line arching; one structure fire; as well as single mutual aid responses to Elmsdale; Indian Brook; and Nine Mile River.

For Stewiacke Fire, they had 30 calls in January, with 15 medical assists and 15 fire/motor vehicle collision/mutual aid requests or other.

In Feb., the firefighters responded to 15 calls, with 10 being medical assists. The other five were a variety of fire/mvc/mutual aid or other.

For March, the department was paged out for 12 calls, with eight fire/mvc/mutual aid request or other leading the way. They also had four medical assists.

Kennetcook fire had eight calls in January, with chimney fires, medical assists, and false alarms leading the way at two each. They also ha one ATV accident and one motor vehicle collision.

For Feb., they had five calls, led by three medical assists and two chimney fires.

In March, they had seven calls with medical assists leading the responses at three, while they also were paged for two motor vehicle collisions; one chimney fire; and one structure fire.

In Nine Mile River, firefighters responded to five calls in January, led by three medical assists; one motor vehicle collision; and one structure fire call.

In Feb., they had seven calls, with four of them being medical assists. They also heard their pagers tone for two mutual aid requests and one chimney fire.

Last month, March, they had 10 calls with that being led by five mutual aid requests. There were also four medical assists and one motor vehicle collision.