From the Firehouse – Feb. 2023

Firefighter boots and helmet near the stalls for firefighters. (Healey photo)

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LANTZ: Here is a look at what our local fire departments were responding to during the month of February.

The data below is as provided by fire departments from Stewiacke; Lantz; Milford; Enfield; Kennetcook; Uniacke & District; Elmsdale; Shubenacadie; and Nine Mile River.

For Lantz fire, they responded to 21 calls last month, led by nine medical assists.

Firefighters also were toned out for five mvc’s; three alarm activations; two vehicle fires; one structure fire; and one heating equipment fire.

Stewiacke fire had six calls, with four motor vehicle collisions being their top response. They also had one CO2 alarm activation call and one mutual aid call to HRM Fire in Musquodoboit Valley for a structure fire.

For Nine Mile River fire, they had five calls for members to respond to. They heard the “sounds of their people” five times, including three for mvc’s.

The other two calls were one for a chimney fire and one for a mutual aid request.

The month of February was busy for Milford Fire, responding to 13 calls.

Firefighters with the department were called to assist the neighbouring departments on seven incidents. Milford was dispatched for five Motor Vehicle accidents; three Vehicle Fires; two Smoke Conditions in homes; one Chimney Fire and one each to assist EHS and RCMP.

Just a reminder as the warmer weather approaches, ice begins to melt on the ponds and lakes, please check the ice before venturing out onto it. Be wise and stay safe.

Elmsdale fire heard their pagers go off for 26 calls, led by nine medical assists. They also had six mvc’s.

Other calls the firefighters attended included seven alarm activations; two structure firs; one other; and one power line fire.

For Kennetcook fire, they had three calls last month with two mutual aid requests leading that tally. They also had a medical assists.

Shubenacadie fire responded to 12 calls for assistance in February, with three mvc’s leading that response total.

Firefighters also had three mutual aid requests to Milford fire for mvc’s; two mutual aid requests to Indian Brook for alarm activations; one lift assist; one mutual aid request to Maitland for a vehicle fire; one mutual aid request to Indian Brook for a gas detector call; and one mutual aid request to Rawdon fire for standby coverage.

For Enfield fire, their firefighters had 20 calls to respond to in February. That number was led by eight medical assists. They also attended to six mvc’s; four alarm activations; and two mutual aid requests.

No info was received from Uniacke & District Fire by the time we posted this on the website.

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