BURNSIDE: Business in the Burnside Business Park have voted against forming a Business Improvement District.

In a release on Jan. 16, the Greater Burnside Business Association (GBBA) announced the results of the vote that property and business owners in the park did on Dec. 2.

“We have a group of dedicated volunteer business leaders who have worked for over two years to demonstrate why a BID is the best choice for Burnside,” said Amy Gibson Saab, Chair of the Burnside BID Steering Committee. “ Businesses in the Park did not agree.”


There are currently nine BIDs in Halifax, and they work to support businesses in their areas and come together to advocate on shared challenges.

A BID is established by business and property owners in an area and works to promote local businesses, provide services such as security and transportation support, and advocate for the needs of businesses in the area.

“I want to applaud the Steering Committee and GBBA Board of Directors,” said Gibson Saab. “These leaders from across Burnside came together for the good of the business community. They have done tremendous work and we truly thank them for their time and investment in a BID.”


The result leaves the GBBA looking to what this means for tis future.

“We need to look at how we, as a group of volunteers, can continue to serve Burnside businesses,” said Dee Deuville, Chair of the GBBA. “Our board will make some decisions on how we move forward, now that Burnside businesses have made their voice heard.”

The GBBA is a volunteer organization that promotes, supports, and advocates for businesses and organizations within Burnside Business Park, Canada’s largest industrial park east of Montreal and a major economic driver of the Halifax Regional Municipality.

It is the driving-factor behind the Burnside BID campaign providing research, resources, and supported the Steering Committee as they worked towards a Burnside BID.