Good Samaritans applauded for assisting crews douse Enfield fire

Firefighters from Enfield and Station 45 Fall River extinguished the fire on Horse Island with help from nearby residents who ferried crews out to the Island. (Submitted photo)

ENFIELD: Residents are being praised for their assistance to firefighters in extinguishing a fire that was approximately 100 feet in diameter on Horse Island, located in Little Grand Lake, on Aug. 4.

Enfield Fire Deputy Chief Dale Copp said the fire was spotted by nearby residents and called in at about 10:45 a.m. That sent Enfield Engine and Enfield brush to the scene.

Copp called for mutual aid from Station 45 Fall River, who responded with their engine; rescue boat 45; and Quint 45, who stood by for any calls that may come in for Enfield. The Platoon chief rural and District Chief zone 4 from HRM Fire also responded to the scene.

Some of the damage done by the fire on Horse Island. (Submitted photo)

“We knocked the fire down with three lines from portable pumps from the lake,” said Copp. “We also used hand tools. Once we were done, after being on scene for three hours, we turned it over to DNR.”

There were about 10 Enfield firefighters and five from Station 45 that were transported to Horse Island to fight the fire.

That transportation was only possible thanks to three residents, Copp said.

“They ferried Enfield fire crews and portable pumps over to the island for us, with their personal boats,” he said. “We owe a big thanks to those guys for their help.

“They stayed with us and helped and made several trips back and forth for us, before ferrying us and our equipment back to shore and took over the DNR crews.”

Smoke billows from Horse Island. (Submitted photo)

The fire gutted trees and the ground on Horse Island. (Submitted photo)

 Copp said the official cause of the fire will be investigated by DNR.

“Preliminary investigation revealed the likely cause to be an improperly extinguished campfire on the island,” said Copp.