Two Grade 5 students at Holland Road School carry one of the more than 15 boxes of food inside the WJCC for the Lions Christmas Express. The class only began collecting food donations a week earlier in class. (Healey photo)

WINDSOR JUNCTION: The Lions Christmas Express got an unexpected boost in generous donations as they sorted already collected items at the Windsor Junction Community Centre on Dec. 15.

Students in Nicole Legrow’s Grade 5 class at Holland Road Elementary School wanted to give back to their community this Christmas season. After connecting with Lions Christmas Express organizer Stephanie Dube they did just that.

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Holland Road School Grade 5 students team up to lift a bit of a heavy box filled with food inside to the WJCC where it would be sorted by volunteers at the Lions Christmas Express. (Healey photo)

A week after Legrow mentioned to them what they were doing, the kids joined their teacher in delivering more than 15 boxes filled with donated food. That was all just from their classroom.

“I think it’s really good what we did because some kids and families don’t have as much as we do,” Ava Burrows said. “We’re happy to be helping the less fortunate.”

Jersey Swinemar said she is grateful for being able to give back.

“It’s better to give back than to get,” she said.

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She said there was a lot of boxes to be packed by the students.

“It was definitely worth it,” added Aili Pearcey.

Legrow already has plans to begin collecting donations earlier next year and possibly getting the whole school in Fletchers Lake involved.

Swinemar said helping out gets her in the Christmas spirit, but also she learned a valuable lesson.

“It definitely made me realize that we’re really lucky,” she said.

Pearcey said she had a feeling she knew what the reaction to those receiving help from the Christmas Express would be.

“I think they will be really proud of what we did for them,” she said. “I think we’re proud of what we did too.”

Missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints assisted organizers with sorting the donated food that had been collected.

The missionaries were from across the U.S.

Missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints helped sort food for the Lions Christmas Express at the WJCC on Dec. 15. (Healey photo)


A missionary from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints sorts through some of the canned food donations during sorting day at the Lions Christmas Express at the WJCC on Dec. 15. Missionaries from across the world who are serving in the Bridgewater to Truro area came to sorting day to assist. (Healey photo)