Honk-a-thon: Community lifts Wellington girl’s birthday spirit

Amelia Garrison by her birthday sign. (Submitted photo)

WELLINGTON: Amelia Garrison’s ninth birthday party was looking like it would be “the worst birthday ever” because of the Covd19 pandemic making waves across the world.

However, her neighbourhood community in the Wellington area wasn’t about to let that happen.

Earlier in the week, it began to hit Melanie Garrison, Amelia’s mom, that the birthday plans she had for Amelia were unwinding because of the pandemic encompassing the world. So, she reached out to Kate Ruiz at Lawncards.ca.

“Amelia was feeling like this could be the worst birthday ever,” said Melanie.

When Melanie made a post on the Oaken Hills subdivision Facebook page, letting people know it was her daughter’s birthday on March 22.

“I told people to feel free if they were out and about to drive by and honk,” said Melanie.

That’s all it took and one by one, shortly after 1 p.m., vehicles in both directions started going by in a “community convoy” honking their horns and yelling “Happy Birthday Amelia.”

“The look on her face. It was precious,” said Melanie. “It was honestly such a special moment. For the whole family really.

“At a time when things are kind of scary and uncertain this was a beautiful moment I’ll treasure. I love where I live, and this community is amazing.”

The sign outside the family home, made by Kate from Lawncards.ca, read “Honk! Amelia is 9!”.

For Amelia, the sign was a surprise.

“It made me feel very happy and I had a lot of fun,” said the Holland Road School student. “I wasn’t expecting much of a fun birthday. But the cars going by honking let me see people who we would gather around with.

“It made me feel very special.”