Hyde’s Bridge replacement work scheduled for early 2022

The replacement of Hyde's Bridge is scheduled to be sent for tender in the fall of 2021, with work to begin in early Spring 2022. (Healey photo)

LANTZ: Residents will have to wait a little longer for the replacement of Hyde’s Bridge in Lantz.

A link to the Procurement document that had been making the rounds online seemed to indicate work would begin in June. It had been awarded in October 2020.

However, that tender, numbered DOC481916628 is for the supply and delivery of the bridge components.

Peter McLaughlin, spokesman for the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, said the tender for the replacement of Hyde’s Bridge will be issued later this year.

“The tender for the Hyde’s Bridge replacement is scheduled to be issued in Fall 2021,” McLaughlin told The Laker News. “Work is expected to begin in early spring 2022 and completed by the end of the year.”

He confirmed the design of the new bridge as well, and that it would indeed be two lanes.

“The new bridge will be a steel truss design and have two lanes,” he said.

McLaughlin said work had been expected to begin this summer but is now delayed.

“We had planned on beginning work this summer, but an unexpected issue arose with another bridge which required immediate replacement,” he said.