FALL RIVER: A young Fall River boy who is an inspiration to many has been recognized with a national award from Cystic Fibrosis Canada.

Blake Brien had a visitor come to his families St. Andrews Village home on Sept. 14, bringing the Youth Impact Award with her. The Youth Impact Award is given to a young individual 19-years-old and under who is a source of inspiration to others and has shown leadership within the CF community on a continuous basis.

Blake, a student at Ash Lee Jefferson Elementary School, fits that bill perfectly. He is among 4,300 people in Canada who has CF.

“It makes me feel happy to get the award,” said Blake. “We do all kinds of stuff from 50/50 tickets, walks as ‘Blake’s Believers’ wearing my special t-shirt that my brother James made.”

Blake Brien of Fall River. (Submitted photo)

He does more than two hours a day of treatments for his CF—45 minutes before school; 45 minutes at school; then 45 minutes before bed.

Blake takes six pills every time he eats plus many other pills at other times of the day to help control his CF.

In a release, Blake’s involvement with CF was explained.

“Blake is an amazing young boy who was diagnosed with CF at a very young age, but has not let that stop him,” said the post. “He has been involved in Walks for as long as we can remember but his involvement goes way beyond that.

Blake has been part of national ad campaigns for CF Canada, sold so many raffle tickets and built a community of support around the disease and hope for a cure.

“Most recently, his video regarding the urgency of approval for Trikafta received over 17,000 views and 700 shares, so it’s clear he constantly inspires people with his bravery and courage facing the disease at such a young age.

“Thank you Blake for showing everyone anything is possible.”

Blake knows how CF makes him different from others, like his brothers James and Max.

“I have to do things different, like if others have gone outside at night or in the morning I can’t go out,” he said. “I don’t like that because I have to do my mask stuff.”

Mom Erin made a post on her Facebook about Blake being recognized with the Youth Impact Award. One by one the positive comments came in. They made Blake smile ear-to-ear.

“People were proud of me telling me congratulations, that it was amazing, that is was awesome,” said Blake, with the help of mom. “A lot of people said I was an inspiration to them.”

And Blake mostly certainly is one inspiring young boy.

The Brien Boys. (Healey photo)