This young boys face shows how much of a thrill going down this ramp on a bouncy castle. Many kids had the same look from the full weekend of fun. (Healey photo)

WINDSOR JUNCTION/FALL RIVER: It was an exciting weekend full of fun and activities for all as Keloose 2023 took place from Aug. 18-20.

This year’s volunteer-run festival had events take place at the LWF Hall, Gordon R. Snow Community Centre, and Windsor Junction Community Centre, the main host for kids and family day fun.

The event concluded with a great fireworks show done by locals who work with Fireworks FX, and wowed the crowd yet again.

That followed a great performance from the Homewreckers, circus performance by Luminosity Circus.

Earlier in the day it was young musicians from Joyful Sounds that kept the crowd’s attention, and food trucks helped tame those food cravings many had.


Here are some photos of the fun weekend that Keloose was as snapped by our Pat Healey:

Owen eyes the finish line for the Keloose 2 k Kids Fun Run cheered on by many. (Healey photo)
The Teddy Bear Clinic put on by Fall River Animal Hospital as part of Kids Day was popular. (Healey photo)
The horn sounds to start the Keloose 2 k fun run. It was a new event this year. (Healey photo)
The skate jam at the Snow Centre was another new event and very popular. (Healey photo)
The Kids Parade had almost 100 entries. (Healey photo)


Councillor Deagle Gammon was volunteering her time during the pancake breakfast, another new event added to Keloose. (Healey photo)
The Mad Science guy kept the children entertained during his show. (Healey photo)
Velocity was the featured performer at the Adult dance at the LWF Hall on Friday night at Keloose. (Healey photo)
The Halifax Transit ferry on wheels was a highlight of the Kids Parade, which had almost 100 kids take part. (Healey photo)
This young girl gets some help with a ball shooter game from a guardian at Keloose. (Healey photo)


The kids on the TopCoat Automotive car led the Kids Parade at Keloose. (Healey photo)
MLA and Advanced Education Minister Brian Wong volunteered at the Pancake Breakfast during Keloose. He speaks with participant from the Fun Run. (Healey photo)
This skaters completes a move at the skate jam. (Healey photo)
This young girl was taking it all in as she neared the end of the Keloose 2K Fun Run. (Healey photo)


This young boy raced past two girls down the stretch in the Keloose 2k Fun Run. (Healey photo)
(Healey photo)
Fun on the Bouncy Castles (Healey photo)
All decorated up for the Kids Parade. (Healey photo)


Hustling for the finish at the Keloose fun run. (Healey photo)
Facepainting! (Healey photo)
Yum yum cotton candy! (Healey photo)
The supporters that made Keloose possible. 9Healey photo)