MAIN PHOTO: Braden Langille poses for a photo with a young fan after his victory at Petty. Braden also gave the kid his race winning trophy. (Healey photo)

RIVER GLADE, N.B.: It was a dominating performance for one Shubenacadie driver during the 56th annual Jones Auto Body River Glade International race weekend at Petty Raceway in River Glade, N.B.

With the full house on hand at the track outside Moncton, N.B., Braden Langille led all but a few laps from the drop of the green flag to the checkered flag in the Legends 40 lap feature.

Race action also saw the Pro Stock 150; Sportsman 100; Heart of a Champion Hot Rod Classics; and the Leisure RV Bandolero classes.

Langille, the wheelman of the no. 51, finished ahead of Pictou’s Austin MacDonald and Nathan Blackburn in the no. 44.

Braden Langille and Austin MacDonald battle on track. (Healey photo)
Braden Langille passes Sam Rogers in Legends feature action at Petty. (Healey photo)

At the end of the race after he had done post-race victory lane interview, Langille went to the gate entry from the grandstands where he gave a young fan the trophy he won. He then posed for a few photos with the youngster, who was in his glory as the ear-to-ear smile indicated.

Nine Mile River’s Colton Noble came home in fourth place, just off the podium.

Shelby Baker of Fall River was eight in the no. 53.

Hicken holds off Tucker for Pro Stock victory

P.E.I.’s Jonathan Hicken held off a hard charging Ashton Tucker in the waning laps to pick up the Pro Stock 150 victory before the sold-out crowd. Tucker, from down the road in the Fredericton area, was a favourite for the crowd, and that was obvious when Hicken was announced as he got out of his no. 5 hot rod to a chorus of boos from the fans.

Cory Hall passes Robby MacEwan in race heat action. (Healey photo)

In the dying laps Tucker and Hicken swapped positions a few times and it appeared Tucker may have enough to get by and hold off Hicken until some lap traffic entered the fray and dashed those hopes. The driving from the veteran Hicken, who at one point jumped out in front of Tucker with barely the room to do so, also came into play.

“He absolutely is (future of the sport. Ashton’s quite a wheelman, helluva driver,” said Hicken. “This thing (the no. 5) has been pretty bad ass. It was good all day.”

Jonathan Hicken is your Pro Stock 150 champion for 2020 at Petty. (Healey photo)

Fletchers Lake’s Matt Vaughan, who now calls Lantz home, came home in 18th place. It was his first race behind the wheels of the no. 0 Dexter Construction machine, which was driven by Shawn Turple in past years.

Besides Hicken, Island Pro Stock Tour drivers finished in seventh (Darren MacKinnon in no. 18); eighth (Dylan Gosbee in the no. 91); Chris Hughes in 11th; the no. 40 of Robbie MacEwan in 12th place.

Parts for Truck Pro Stock Tour past champion Cole Butcher, from the Hantsport area, brought home the no. 53 Atlantic Tiltload-sponsored machine in fourth place.

Kent Vincent and Matt Vaughan of Fletchers Lake battle on the track. (Healey photo)

Veinotte leads from start to finish

Halifax’s Jordan Veinotte put his no. 11 on the pole and never looked back once flagman Craig Weagle dropped the green flag for the AE McKay Builders Sportsman 100, holding off Deven Smith, Marcel LeBlanc, Colby Smith, and Courtney O’Blenis.

Veinotte had to hold off Smith on several late race restarts because of cautions. He also got lucky as the 3 of Justin Beers appeared to be on the way to the front to give Veinotte a challenge when he and another car became tangled putting both to the back. Beers then got caught up in someone else’s mess, ending his night although the car appeared to still be driveable.

Brad Eddy of Sackville brought home the no. 6 in 14th place, while Beaver Bank’s Megan Parrott was ninth in the no. 1 hot rod.

Gilby, Singer, Christensen get top six in Bando feature

Enfield’s Gage Gilby came home with a third-place podium-placing result in the Bandolero feature race, behind Tanton Wooldridge in second and winner Nathan Langille.

Nate Singer of Kennetcook in the no. 81 was fifth, while the 24 of Ayden Christensen, who calls Windsor Junction home, was sixth.

Nine Mile River’s Dawson Noble had a role over in his no. 8 bandolero and finished last of the 13 cars that hit the track.

Beaver Bank racer nabs second

With a freshly new The Laker News sticker on the passenger side of his no. 39 bandolero, Chase Livingstone rallied from an early wreck in the heat race and a late arrival to the pit exit for the feature race start, to take home the checkered flag in the Beginner Bando race.

Gage Gilby no. 25 looks to pass Dawson Noble as 87 Danny Chisholm is close behind. (Healey photo)

Beaver Bank’s Brett Pashkoski in the no 45 gave Livingstone a good run for his money as the two swapped and battled side by side for the lead. He finished second. Drew Murphy was third in the 14M.

In the Hot Rod Classic feature presented by NTN, Elmsdale’s Cy Harvey drove his 49 machine to the inaugural win in the newly formed series.

Here are the full, unofficial results as posted by Tim’s Corner:


1st – #5 Jonathan Hicken
2nd – #2 Ashton Tucker
3rd – #83 Cory Hall
4th – #53 Cole Butcher
5th – #08 Nicholas Naugle
6th – #8 Kent Vincent
7th – #18 Darren MacKinnon
8th – #91 Dylan Gosbee
9th – #48 Dave O’Blenis
10th – #52 Shawn Tucker
11th – #32 Chris Hughes
12th – #40 Robbie MacEwen
13th – #26 Brent Roy
14th – #01 Troy Burke
15th – #99 Craig Slaunwhite
16th – #44 Russell Smith Jr
17th – #1 Ryan Messer
18th – #0 Matt Vaughan
19th – #36 Gary Elliott
20th – #10 Devin Snell
21st – #80 Ryan VanOirschot
22nd – #54 Jarrett Butcher
23rd – #23 Lonnie Sommerville
24th – #42 Mike Duskey
25th – #97 Chris Duncan
26th – #51 Mark LeClair
27th – #77 Randy Millar

Cy Harvey. (Healey photo)


1st – #11 Jordan Veinotte
2nd – #94 Deven Smith
3rd – #30 Marcel LeBlanc
4th – #17 Colby Smith
5th – #48C Courtney O’Blenis
6th – #92 Neal Crawford
7th – #03 Ronnie MacKay
8th – #23 Shawn Waterfield
9th – #1 Megan Parrott
10th – #52 Destiny Enkel
11th – #53 Laurie Cormier
12th – #87K Kevin Morse
13th – #3 Justin Beers
14th – #6 Brad Eddy
15th – #85 Kenny MacKenzie Jr
16th – #41 Rob Raynes
17th – #87 Nick Cudmore
18th – #74 Alexandra O’Blenis
19th – #10 Brady Creamer
20th – #46 Koven Lewis
21st – #2 Jeffrey Breen
DNS – #94 Ryan Raynes


1st – #51 Braden Langille
2nd – #27 Austin MacDonald
3rd – #44 Nathan Blackburn
4th – #03 Colton Noble
5th – #68 Michael Cormier
6th – #18 Josh Langille
7th – #66 Owen Mahar
8th – #53 Shelby Baker
9th – #12 Sam Rogers
10th – #38 Darren Sherwood
11th – #15 Andrew Lively
12th – #20 Devin Wadden
13th – #72 Tylor Hawes
14th – #77 Dylan Dowe
15th – #28 Brad Wadden

Enfield’s Gage Gilby was third in the Bando feature. (Healey photo)


1st – #3 Nathan Langille
2nd – #0 Tanton Wooldridge
3rd – #25 Gage Gilby
4th – #87 Danny Chisholm
5th – #81 Nate Singer
6th – #24 Ayden Christensen
7th – #22 Brooke Dowe
8th – #71 Chase MacKay
9th – #23 Teagan Dempsey
10th – #28 Will Murphy
11th – #53 Kelsea Lewis
12th – #88 Caden Tufts
13th – #8 Dawson Noble


1st – #39 Chase Livingston
2nd – #45 Brett Pashkoski
3rd – #14M Drew Murphy
4th – #13 Rory Coates
5th – #97 Daniel Vandenburg
6th – #12 Cole Doyle
7th – #91 Simon Doyle
8th – #41 Brayden Wadden
9th – #14 Sam MacDonald
10th – #92 Ian Crawford

**Heart of a Champion Hot Rod Classics full results unavailable at press time.

Chase Livingstone goes mowing after a crash between him and the no. 13. (Healey photo)
Megan Parrott of Beaver Bank heads down the back stretch at Petty. (Healey photo)