N.S. Liberal Party Housing shadow minister Braedon Clark. (FB Photo)

From a NS Liberal Party release

HALIFAX: A new report from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation found that more Nova Scotians left the province in 2022 than the year prior, largely due to the lack of affordable housing.

The number of Nova Scotians who left the province was up by 33 per cent last year, with more than half leaving for more affordable provinces. With one of the most volatile rental markets in the country, people in Halifax have no choice but to look for cheaper places to live.

“Losing Nova Scotians to more affordable provinces should be a thing of the past,” says Housing shadow minister Braedon Clark. “The Houston government needs a stronger approach to housing to prevent more Nova Scotians from leaving the province.”

From agriculture, to construction, to healthcare – all sectors are facing an unprecedented labour shortage. Attracting new people to the province is essential to overcoming the problem, but housing remains a challenge in filling those gaps.

“With a labour shortage across many sectors, we can’t afford to lose people to more affordable provinces,” says Clark. “Affordable housing needs to be a top consideration for the Houston government.”