Liberals: Houston withholds doctor waitlist for second month

NS Liberal leader Zach Churchill. (Healey file photo)

From a press release

HALIFAX: The doctor waitlist is supposed to be released within the first five business days of each month, but the Houston government has fallen short on that commitment for two months in a row.

Last month’s statistics were withheld by the Houston government for one week and showed the waitlist increase by over 6,000 people.

“The Houston government needs to be honest with Nova Scotians about the state of healthcare,” says Opposition Leader Zach Churchill.


“At a time when many people are struggling to access critical health services, they deserve to have the facts.”

The doctor waitlist had been withheld last fall, prompting the Nova Scotia Liberal Caucus to table the Need a Family Practice Registry Accountability Act.

That would require the government to release the doctor waitlist numbers within the first five business days of each month.