Local students to be engaged in Student Vote for federal election

Grade 4 students at Holland Road Elementary participated in StudentVote 2017. (Healey file photo)

FALL RIVER: Students in the Fall River-Waverley area will be among those engaged during the federal election as part of Student Vote, a program run by CIVIX.

Student Vote is an authentic learning program that provides students with the opportunity to experience the voting process firsthand and practice the habits of active and informed citizenship. It is a program, of CIVIX.

Schools receive materials; engage with candidates some of whom come talk to the students and answer their questions; before students vote for who they think would be the best representative.

For Sackville-Preston-Chezzetcook in the Fall River region, which currently has five candidates seeking the seat, schools participating include: Waverley Memorial; Holland Road School in Fletchers Lake; Georges P. Vanier Junior High in Fall River; Beaver Bank-Kinsac School in Beaver Bank; Harold T. Barrett Junior High; and Lockview High in Fall River. Those are the schools registered as of late September, according to StudentVote.

Oldfield Consolidated School in Enfield, HRM is also taking part, for Sackville-Preston-Chezzetcook.

One interesting tidbit for Oldfield is that some of the students attending actually reside in Central Nova, which includes the Oldham and Big Stop Irving areas.

Results of the StudentVote will be released following the closure of the final polls in the real election on Oct. 21.

In the 2015 federal election, students results have been very interesting and telling; in 2015 the students results showed that Justin Trudeau’s Liberals were heading for their majority government.